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Welcome to Yumz, one of the best Urban Retail stores in Second Life. There is two reasons why I like Yumz so much: 

1. Clothes that fit the  Modern day Plus size shaped women in Second Life

2. Reasonable prices!

Created by Yummy Brentley, Yumz explores a part of Second Life that isn’t normally showcased and can be frown upon by many reisdents who have a preconceived image of what the human body should look like.

Price range is 200L$ and below including a ‘Throwbacks’ room located on the 3rd floor with cheaper clothes from 50L$. They also give away monthly gifts.

Newbie Friendly : 8 out 10

Music : 9 out of 10

Overall Experience: 9 out of 10

Yumz Clothing is now located in a region called Vogue, is home to other stores such as Chop Suey, and YungLovz.

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