Yuli Chic & Sexy Women’s Fashion

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Yuli is a fantastic clothing line by long-term resident Yuli Orman which has been providing fashionable women’s clothing in SL since 2007.  They have a varied collection of party dresses, sexy outfits, footwear,  evening gowns and much much more.I came across Yuli when I bought one of their outfit from the SL online marketplace. It was cheap and fantastic.

While walking through Yuli’s in world Main store, I found it quite breath taking. The information they provide about their products and store hits you as soon as you land. Navigation around the store is made easier by a teleport panel that helps you to check out all different sections of Yuli.

Yuli Main Store

Many of their outfits and items are very expensive ranging from $L15-$L500 but they do provide a freebie/discount section.  Within this section everything costs $L0.


(Yuli) Top Studio Yuli Outfit $L0
(Yuli) Dya Emotive $L0

‘This is a conservative dress, good for casual wear or to go out dancing.  The set comes with pants as well as a flexi skirt that has nice movement on it, although some women may need to edit the skirt height to suit.  overall, a good freebie!’ Resident Pat Littleboots speaks about the Dya Emotive

(Yuli) Tarvia in Black $L0

(Yuli) Tarvia also comes in white (which is also free) and other colours such as green, purple and red, these are available for  $L 15.

(Yuli) Tarvia without the skirt

(Yuli) Woolen pullover and pants pack, comes with white and black pants, neckerchief that comes in several colours such as blue, grey,  purple and yellow.

(Yuli) Woolen with pull over and pants $L0
(Yuli) Belted Ladies Coat $L0

(Yuli) Coat comes in Brown, White and black.

With some of its freebies available on the SL Marketplace, Yuli is great place to go for a bargain. Unfortunately the freebies section seems limited and I am unsure  if new outfits are added to it on a regular basis.

Newbie friendly service: 9 out 10

Clothes rating: 7 out of 10

Overall Experience: 8 out of 10

For more information on Yuli Orman and her clothes check out the links below:

Yuli Orman’s Blog

Yuli’s SL Marketplace Store

Special thanks to the lovely Shelter girls, BreeElle Adored and Pat Littleboots for modeling

Izzie Morgan

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