You Got To Love Midnight Mania

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Not so long ago I was in one of my favourite stores and I slapped the midnight mania board, I wasn’t paying much attention it’s just something I do, sometimes you get a great prize and by including my slap there’s a better chance everyone will get a prize. Well this day was definately a “sometimes” kind of day. I’ve blogged elsewhere about SZD and how much I love their stuff, but to get all of this in an MM is just amazing!

The moral of this story, is go and slap the boards at SZD, go buy their outfits, they are all-inclusive, well styled and great value.

Today Steam is wearing:
Skin – Belleza: Jacob, group gift (blogged previously)
Hat – DEF!: Era Cap, MHOH #140
Glasses – Steinwork: MHO Gift,  MHOH #168
Beard – Jaryths Barber: Tribal beard, MHOH #128
Everything else: SZD: Crazy Boy full outfit
Poses: Diesel Works

MHOH website can be found here, the hunt runs until August 20.

That’s my last post for a little while, I’m taking a break, off to the other side of Aussie to see family. So until next time keep having fun!

Photography: Steam Engineer
Words: Steam Engineer

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