WTF moments: Koch Media releases ridiculous Saint’s Row package for one fan

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Koch Media has released a special preorder package for one devoted fan to buy of the comming Saint’s Row IV. The Saint’s Row IV: Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition will cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS and contains, among other things, a trip to space, a one-day training as a spy, a Lamborghini Gallardo (and a Toyota Prius just to balance the carbon footprint), plastic surgery of the buyers choice and two one-week vacations for two, flights included.

Most stores that sells the game will also be able to sell this special package, but you have to go through their customer support, for obvious reasons.

Is this package serious, or is this one of the gaming worlds biggest trolling? I have seen the package on many serious game stores websites and Deep Silver, the developers behind the Saint’s row series, has mentioned the package in interviews. If you have $1M to spare, why not? The contents are worth well over that!

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