Working in Second Life: Enjoy Life Jobs Agency

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Like many newcomers to Second Life you may find yourself looking for a place either to get a job or earn a few Lindens. It is not as easy

Start your Second Life with Enjoy Life Jobs

as some may think to get a job on Second Life when you are a freshly made avatar. One reason is that people do not want to hire a person who is new on SL because of their inexperience with the game or because they do not think that a newcomer will stick at it hard when trying to predict what goes on in other people’s minds. However, there is a place that newcomers can come and get a job or find work in other locations. That place is called Enjoy Life Job Agency and the staff are really friendly and helpful to newcomers.

  • Enjoy Life Job Agency is a great place to visit because of all the things they have to offer. They offer low-cost to no-cost clothes to make you look less like a newcomer and more like someone who has been on Second Life for a while. Having a refined look and a good style on Second Life is really important and can help you land a fantastic job in a club or other place of business. Enjoy Life Job Agency can really help you get your start. They offer both greeter and model positions that can help you get started in the second life. They pay a small amount for a worker (four hours of work for one hundred lindens) not bad for a newcomer in Second Life. This is a great thing for newcomers to earn and save up to make their appearance ready for places that require a better look . Many places will not take on workers under 30 days old and sometimes even 60. The Enjoy Life way enables you get your foot in the door with experience in modeling or greeting and the time you need to be online.

So. If you are new to Second Life, need a job, and maybe some freebies, Enjoy Life Job Agency is one of many places to get started. It is also a good place if you need a camping ground for such games as Fish hunt, coin hunt, or even getting betaverse coins. You can also camp on the two available chairs which will let you to camp until they vanish.

This should get you started in Second Life and if you ever have any questions or need any advice do not hesitate to contact me in world with an IM or a notecard. Always remember that Second Life is always fun as long as you try to make it fun.  Check out Enjoy Life Job Agency and if you can’t get in world check out the website.

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