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Warrior Instinct Nations (WIN) Boxing

The WIN Wall of Fame

WIN is the oldest and most respected boxing association in SL. They are often considered to be the only true boxing association. They hold televised boxing matches, championships and weekly matches with live audience.

The boxers are more active in their roles while boxing than in, for example, the SLNFL, it’s an actual fighting system they use, where the skill of the boxer is key to winning the match.

The fighters can participate in events, such as title matches, for cash prizes, fame and recognition throughout all of SL. Most often these games have a buy-in price, but the prize money is way over the buy-in. If you think you got what it takes, you should have the money to back it up.

They use two fighting systems, Aver and Fever, where Aver seems to be the more popular one. Most often, the winner of grand title matches are the ones who use both. This, along with eventual buy-ins is the only real cost for the fighter and the ones that does well often gets more than enough to support themselves.

There’s also a lot of free-to-enter events with cash prizes too.

I met up with Calvinizm2g Quan, the Head Avatar in Charge of WIN and asked him about boxing and WIN:

Calvinizm2g Quan, the Lord of the Ring himself

How did you get into SL boxing?

Well I stumbled across boxing in my first few days in SL and got hooked and have not looked back since.

How did you become Head Avatar In Charge?

Hahaha well the HAIC came to me , I never looked for it. I just was willing to help WIN wherever help was needed and opportunities kept coming to me and the rest is history. I’m actually humbled to be in the spot I am now, and know its not an easy job, and that I also have great people working behind the scenes with me to make it all work out great. My strength is being a visionary and being able to see how to put what I see in my mind down so that it comes to life. It’s always a plus when you can have people that buy into that, and help you achieve the things you see.

How much preparations is there before each match?

Well there’s different levels to have fight event to happen. First you need to book the fighters and have them agree to fight at that particular event time. Then you need the proper staffing to be able to work the event. We use announcer, ring girls, security and radio DJ at our events to bring them to life for our fans. Then you have to consider the fighters preparation in training before match which varies depending on how hard a fighter likes to work and also their availability to be online before that fight happens.

Is this the only boxing arena in SL?

There have been tons of different organizations to pop up around SL. I’ve seen so much come and go that I’ve honestly have lost count. It’s truly an honour to stand at the helm of the oldest and most consistent one of them all. I was listening to a radio show that was showing the difference between players that are great and that are legendary. The legends are the ones who make such and impact that people mimic or copy them. Look at the Micheal Jordans and Tiger Woods of the world to see that point. Great athletes had good stats but never transcended the game they played. I look at WIN as a company in the legendary status because so many have tried to duplicate or took certain aspects of it to start theirs. I’ve grown much to take this as more of a compliment then anything else. Its actually people indirectly being inspired by what WIN has done even if they don’t want to admit it lol.

 What does it take to become a boxer in SL?

Well at WIN all you need to do is get one of our boxing systems Fever or Aver or even both. The ones who do both become eligible to possibly become an Undisputed Champ. Other then that we like to hook people up with coaches to help speed their learning curve, and soon as they are seen fit we get them in the ring.

What does it take to become a boxing trainer in SL?

Well the best trainers are the ones who don’t hold back and give their all to seeing people get better. I think patience is an obvious trait needed due to the fact people have different learning curves. I mean it took me 10 minutes to figure how to activate the gloves and I ended up winning both Heavyweight Belts, so imagine if my coach at the time gave up on me. I’ve also come to realize when you give your all to people it actually makes you a better coach and fighter, and that’s a WIN WIN ;).

What do you have to offer the newcomers in SL?

Well we offer newcomers a chance to make our place their home. All are welcome at WIN. We don’t like drama at all so as long as a person is not trying to start that here all the time they should take the time. Boxing is our main thing but we offer so much more as well to appeal to a lot of different audiences. So don’t be surprise to see us doing karaoke, dance offs, date auctions, mud wrestling and much more.

Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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