Wil’s 5 Games of 2013

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Well it is the end of the year and the obligatory ‘best of’ lists are upon us. So I thought, why not make one. But first, let me establish a few rules.

I can only list games I have actually played. That’s the problem with reviewing games. Games are expensive so I can’t play everything. So if your most favorite game isn’t only the list it’s probably because I haven’t played it. Or it just wasn’t very good. Also, this isn’t a ranked list. I use scores but comparing games, even with their scores, is pointless. With that,

On to the list!

DMC: Devil May Cry

I can’t want to see how many people I annoy with this one being on my list. Although, I am amazed at the amount of hatred this game got and still gets. When I reviewed the game I gave it a 4.5/5 and I am sticking by that score. I was a huge fan of the original set of games and I really like the new one. Anyway, when I see the new design of Dante I don’t think emo, I think goth punk. But that must be because I’m British and so where the developers. Guess only we knew and have been to Camden Town.

Grand Theft Auto V“:

With my controversial choice over, on to the obvious choice. GTA V is the best-selling game of the year by a margin, which is a feat because it means it beat the blind-buy if this years COD update. A simply massive world with so many things to do in it means that you will still e playing in 2014. Even if you finished the single player campaign, there still is GTA Online to play as well. I like it because it’s that breed of multiplayer where you can play by yourself but against others. Suits me with my lack of playing acquaintances.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag“:

I have to admit, this is my least favorite Assassin’s Creed. The game is still great. The sailing/pirating is amazing and always enjoyable. But that controls feel sticky and sometimes bugged. And the ‘joke’ about Ubisoft being Abstergo is funny on the first reference but it wears thin after a while. It would be more satirical if it was just a generic studio. My review next month will cover this so on with the list.

The Last Of Us

I think after the “Uncharted” series, Naughty Dog must think that only Oscar bait is worthy of making. Which is good. It means every game they make is fantastic. The atmosphere is tense with the limited resources. It really is the swan song of the PS3.

Bioshock Infinite

A game out early in the year that people are still talking about. I went into the game knowing the twist ending but I still was in awe at it. That is the sign of the good story telling. The twist shouldn’t make the game like some other games. (Don’t ask me to elaborate, I can only think of “Sixth Sense”.)

There where many good games this year and most I will eventually play but as of this moment, these are my games of 2013.

At the moment I’ve only reviewed “Devil May Cry: DmC” but I will review the other games at some point too.

Here’s to playing through 2014. From me and the rest of the Torch Guide team,

Happy New Year.

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