Why I Decided To Start A Bullet Journal

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Let me explain.

I’m a very scattered brained person, but I love being organized. I always have thoughts in my head, and by the time I get around to doing something about it, I’ve forgotten the idea. Most of my ideas are often for The Torch EG, little short story ideas, or copywriting ideas that I want to explore. I will also sit down to do a task, will think about something else, and end up replacing it with the task I just thought up. It’s not replacing it as in canceling it altogether. I will push that task back. I always run out of time or never get around to doing a project, simply because I pushed it back or put it to one side in favor of something else.

As you can imagine, it can be really annoying and disheartening to forget, especially when it comes to family members. I am so used to pushing tasks back that I often do that with my family. I will remember to call my aunts and uncles, and instead of calling them right there, I will push it back and do something else and completely forget to call them. And because I’m often swamped with work, I won’t remember to call. A week will have passed before I get the chance to sit down and breathe, but then it all happens again. It’s a never-ending cycle. That is how you end up with the funeral and weddings thing that families do, and I needed to stop. I wanted to stop. I needed to be better.    

I watched a YouTube Video. 

You often hear that the perfect solutions often come when you least expect it. That’s what happened to me.  I came across a video by The Personal Philosophy Project, a freelancer and Mindfulness Youtuber, and she talked about going through the daily journals that help her get through the day. One of these journals was a bullet journal. I was just interested in the organization part of the journals. After viewing her content, I decided to look at other videos and started watching two or three of them. I began to see that there was a whole community surrounding bullet journaling.  I had no idea it was such a vast community.

What is a Bullet journal? 

A Bullet Journal is a way for you to keep yourself organized as well as a way to learn how to practice mindfulness. It is meant to help you plan your day, free from stress, getting all those thoughts you have running around in your head, down in a journal. Actually, I think it’s a little better if the creator, Ryder Carroll, tells you about it. 

What is a Bullet Journal?

Why I decided to start a Bullet Journal? 

I started a Bullet Journal because I wanted a way to keep myself organized and to step back and concentrate on what I was doing. A reminder to stop and call my family. To stop and write down that idea I had for an article. To stop rushing to get to another task and putting off one task to do another. In Bujo, I found a way to make myself stop, slow down, and think about what I was doing and think about if I wanted to do something now, instead of putting it off until later. 

No more putting off a task, and replacing it with something else, no more keeping everything in my head only to forget it. A reminder to set time aside to reach out and call my family members and talk to them. Set time aside to write about something I loved, not pushing it off for something else. 

To help me be mindful of today, think about my present and get all those little projects that have been piling up out and make them happen.

“Setting goals is the first step to turning the Invisible into the Visible” – Tony Robbins

If you would like to learn more about the Bullet Journal, you can visit bulletjournal.com or subscribe to Bullet Journal on YouTube. They even have a helpful bullet journal template their channel and other useful tips,

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