Where did they go? – Tania Evans

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Update: As you might have seen both in the comment section here and on our Facebook page, Koolhouse and Tania Evans herself has let us know where she went. This is what she’s up to now: http://www.facebook.com/taniaevansmusic

If you lived through the 90’s you probably got exposed to euro disco… a LOT. One of the most prominent euro disco artists during the 90’s was Tania Evans, but today hardly anybody knows her name.
Today we’ll try to find out what really happened after her appearance in the iconic band Culture Beat.

As I mentioned, she was part of Culture Beat, a disco band that formed in 1991. Evans joined the band in 1992, replacing then lead singer Lana Earl right before both Evans and Culture Beats big breakthrough with the song Mr. Vain. Mr. Vain hit number 1 in 13 countries and was right at the top of the chart in many more. It became an instant classic almost over night and Culture Beat took off like a rocket, producing hit after hit for the majority of the 90’s.

In 1997, Evans left the band to pursue a solo career, releasing the single Prisoner of Love, the first song she wrote and composed herself. However, Prisoner of Love didn’t take off quite as hard as the songs from Culture Beat did, and it just barely reached the Top 10 in the US, much thanks to the influence of producers Mike Romeo and Hendrick Schimann.

After this, her career gets a bit harder to track. She dropped off the public spotlight for over 5 years, before re-emerging with her last single, Strength To Carry On, in 2003. She tried the hottest genre of the time, house, but the single never took off and was left out of all the major charts.

In 2004 she made her last performance as an artist, this time in the musical The Black Heroes Hall of Fame, portraying the eternally popular Aretha Franklin. After this she realized she had spent her whole life on stage, watching others live their lives without really doing anything of the things she really wanted to do. She said in an interview in 2008 “I spent all of my 20s doing music intensely so I have had a nice long rest and realize that it is my main path and calling in life.”

The years between 2004 and 2012 she spent doing various jobs, including dental nursery and property development, but she haven’t left the music scene for good. She is currently working on a new musical project utilizing various genres, but keeps much secrecy about the exact nature of the project.

I, for one, hope to hear her voice on the radio soon again, as I’ve done most of my life growing up in Europe in the 90’s!

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