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What Rhymes With Bastard? By Linda Robertson

What Rhymes With Bastard? By Linda Robertson
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What does rhyme with bastard? Astard, Castard, Dastard? Maybe Mastered, or Plastered?

What rhymes with bastard, is the hilarious true story of Linda Robertson’s past relationship, when her partner Jack went from wrwbnice boyfriend to plastered bastard and the songs she wrote about the events that followed. It is an eye-opening and hilarious take on what happens at the end of a relationship and how things can go from bad to completely down to toilet in the blink of an eye.

Linda and the situations she finds herself in over the course of the book will have you cringing, laughing out loud and thinking of what happened your relationship ended. The book is paced nicely, and you do feel for her and what she is going through. Any one can, whether you are a man or a woman.

It is worse checking out if you are interested in true stories and if you are anti romantic novels. ‘What Rhymes with Bastard’ is now available on Amazon and in any local book store.

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