Welcome to SL: Use Google to Learn SL.

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Woohoo you joined Second Life; from now on referred to as SL. So much to discover and learn that you might feel overwhelmed. Not to fret! There are tons of resources to help you.The trick is to relax, make it fun and have the guides, hints and tricks handy when you’ll need a bit of help.

I’m a believer in “not reinventing the wheel if it’s not broken” and mixing metaphors. With that as my guide the best advice I can give newbies, noobs, new people is really simple.When you want to learn something, find something out?   Google it.
Here’s a link that you might want to keep in your inventory.  By the way, to do that?  you’ll need to copy the URL (web address that shows in your browser) and paste it into a note card that this link will help teach you how to make along with a lot of other things.
Another great resource?  YouTube Tutorials.
Short and simple.
Welcome to SL  🙂

Second Life for Beginners

Elbow Muggins

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