Welcome to Relay For Life 2013: How Do I Join?

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This is the second year The Torch EG will be taking part in Relay For Life (although this time we are under the name Dragon Flame and are joined with the Residents of Virtual Ryukyu). For  those of you don’t know or didn’t read our article about Relay For Life last year. It is a Charity Event developed by the American Cancer Society. Check our old article for more details and the history of ACS. Second Life holds one of the biggest online events, every year. Lasting for 6 months from March – August, fund-raisers hold events in Second life to raise money towards their team and thus the overall total For RFL. Residents can pay in Linden Dollars in world as well as real money via a team’s convio page.

This year, RFL in SL kicks off on March 9th at 10am SLT (Second Life Time) and there is still time for you  join a team, including Dragonflame. So here is all the important information you need to know about taking part in Relay For Life and help us in us in a battle against Cancer:


The Relay For Life of SL website is always rich with information on how you can join the RFL teams. It has a list of the teams that are taking part this year as well as the contact information for the Captains so you can contact them in world if their team peeks your interest. You can also join the Relay For Life Volunteer group in Second Life. ( Copy and Paste in Second Life Local Chat secondlife:///app/group/7f1cc591-7968-9204-4082-98c7e544c371/about )


The Volunteer group does offer  training sessions a couple of times before and after the Kick off. It is originally  for teams  Captains that is meant to help them with their fund-raising, giving helpful tips and hints for the upcoming Relay Season. Not only is this a good opportunity for Captains and their team members, but for new people who are interested in taking part in Second Life’s greatest fund rising event. Unfortunately the first Training Session has passed but there is another one on March 10th  at 8am SLT (PST or GMT – 8). More information will becoming so, so check this website on a regular basis.


The Official Relay For Life Kick Off Celebration  is on Saturday March 9th starting at 10am SLT (PST – 8 GMT). The Kick Off is the best way, a part from reading the website, to meet the teams of Relay for Life since all of them are going to be at this celebration. The Kick Off is held on 4 sims one of which is the main sim for the American Cancer Society’s in world HQ. So you can have a great look around the main sim itself, you want to.


If you are an owner of a club  or just someone who wants to have your own event  by helping to raise money for RFL, one of the best ways  of doing so is having Music Based Events. Even normal events with a Relay For Life theme would benefit RFL. If you would like a more hands on approach, than that. Relay For Life has its own radio station broadcaster called T1 Radio, you can get in touch with them and ask if you lend a helping out with their Relay Event called the Relay Rap.  If you do not want to make your own event are also tons upon tons of live Musicians and DJs that will be holding events all over Second Life.


If you are just interested in having fun with our relayers there are several major events happening through the course of the season, there are the Fashion for Life Fair, Fantasy Faire, RFL Campsite (which happens before the closing ceremony), RFL MAY DAY Fair  and a number of other events that teams will be organizing over the season. Just look out for the RFL event boards that will be all over Second Life.

There is still so much more to come, so as we stated at the beginning of this article, watch the website on a Daily Basis, for news and information on Event.

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