Welcome to Club 7734 – Fantasy Week

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7734 is a gothic hangout that mostly attracts the darker residents of Second Life. It’s not the usual kind of club with big open spaces, spanning half a sim, it’s just one small warehouse. It doesn’t even have any open doors. Still, it manages to attract so many people every single day.

I asked one of the owners, Cornholio Darkthorn, about it, and while moshing away on the warehouse floor, we did an interview.

How did Club 7734 come into existence?

Mr. Darkthorn himself

Well, me being a NEW DJ a few months ago.. I used to have to Audition at a lot of places and well some places my style did not seem to fit in, I was either to hard or too soft music wise. I was Jokingly telling Svet to open her own place because we got tired of having to jump around from job to job trying to find work. Somewhere in MID TP the name 7734 popped in my head. So against the advice of a lot of my friends, I decided to open a club. lolI searched the market and seen this place and went to the demo of it and TP’d some of my close friends (now MGMT Davos Atisso Head MGR, Jean Sazzalans Co Owner, Svetlanna Larimore GM) and they liked it immediately. that day, I started looking for land. And to be honest, I opened it expecting to fail, but with the idea in mind I would always have somewhere to play music when I wanted, that included my friends too.

What does 7734 mean?

LOL its calculator humor 😛 If you look at 7734 upside down.. reads HELL 😀 I thought it was unique and would stick in people’s heads.

Who does 7734 aim at?

Anyone… people that want to have fun and love the music… we welcome everyone here no matter who they are, we want them to feel like this is home.

What has been your main inspiration?

The management is not responsible....

My friends.. they are some of he Best Djs I have heard in SL And their love of music and need to play for the people! Without them and the VIP, this place is nothing.

How does your club contribute to the newbie population of SL?

We try to welcome them and make them feel at home here.  We have all been there and had help from friends. I have seen some of the staff actually take some new people out and make them over. lol It’s cool to see the transformation, especially when they come and stay! you get to see them grow. 😀


Interview by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

0 thoughts on “Welcome to Club 7734 – Fantasy Week

  1. Best Club on the Grid atm for me.Great tunage,Beautiful ppl,free drinks,and ….yes…family atmosphere.Wtg Hell..or 7734…or whatewa u want to call it.
    This Club Rock my Second Life. WoooooooooF

  2. I agree with Castor, Club 7734 Does ROCK!!! The Hellions are fantastic! The 7734 Team is awesome! It is a place you can go to and not be judged or left out of the local chat. It is like a … like… family at 7734. One big happy rocking ass family!

  3. This club ROCKS! The staff and people are friendly, great, and all are welcome. Best metal/rock club on SL hands down (and they really know their stuff!)

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