Week In Game News [June 6th, 2014]

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As news weeks go, we are now at the point of maximum blackout. With E3 just around the corner (conferences starting this coming Monday) most companies are waiting till then to make their big announcements. So busy week next week. And my usual home-based stream watching news coverage and opinion to come. What does it mean for this week news coverage? Well, there’s bugger all. (Except for one very serious one. See: Girls Try To Kill For “Slenderman”). Anyway, enjoy.

Wil Morris

More “Battlefield: Hardline” Leaks:

More information of EA’s upcoming “Battlefield” spin-off has been leaked. A trailer leaked on to DailyMotion, that has since been taken down a subsequently partially released on the EA website, shows the release date of the game and projected platforms. The game is seen to be set for a release on October 21st on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. But since the re-release of the trailer on the EA website, all mention of projected consoles have been removed, only leaving the October 21st projected release date. There are also hints towards a release of another video, most likely during E3, of the games multiplayer.

Girls Try To Kill For “Slenderman”:

Two 12 year old girls from Wisconsin attacked and stabbed a 12 year old girl for the fictional horror character ‘Slenderman’. ‘Slenderman’, who originated from the CreepyPasta wiki, became a horror story icon and was adapted into the very popular “Slender: The Eight Pages” in 2012. The girls attacked and stabbed a friend 19 times in their local woods as an attempt to become ‘proxies’ of ‘Slenderman’. The victim of the attack survived and managed to crawl to the street where she was found and is currently in hospital. The two girls have been arrested and await trial where they could both face 60 years in prison for the attack.

Since the attack, a YouCaring.Com fundraising page has been set up for the girl and her family to help them pay for their expenses. (Hospital fees, legal fees, etc.)

You can donate to the fund here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/waukesha-creepypasta-bring-her-back/186588

Batman: Arkham Kight” Delayed:

Batman: Arkham Knight” has been delayed until 2015. Guy Perkins of Rocksteady, the developer of the game, said;

“We’re introducing a game world that’s five times larger than what we’ve done before at a level of insane detail that we’ve always had in our games and blowing that out even more. We’ve got whole new lighting and water models. We’ve got super high-detailed character models. All of that stuff, it needs optimizing. It needs to work as well as it can do to put it all together into this amazing experience that we’re pushing for. It just takes time.

The platforms that the game will be available for has been updated with Perkins saying;

There are challenges inherent with moving across these new platforms but we always envisioned the game on that new hardware.”

No new date has been released.

PSP’s End By Year’s End:

Sony’s PlayStation Portable has survived much since it’s release. But with the release of it’s successor, the PlayStation Vita, two years ago it was clear the the hand-held’s days where numbered. With the PlayStation 2 lasing many years after the release of its successor, only being discontinued in 2013 after 13 years, the end of the PSP can mean the beginning of the end of the previous generation. The PSP will be discontinued late this year.

Dead Rising 3” Coming To PC:

It was rumoured this week that “Dead Rising 3” was going to get a long awaited PC release. This was eventually conformed my Capcom, the games developer/publisher. This would mean the 2 out of the 3 games in the series have been released on multiple platforms, the Xbox consoles and the PC. The original “Dead Rising” is only game of the series that has only been released on the Xbox 360 console. “Dead Rising 3” is set for a ‘summer’ release on the PC.

‘Good Old Games’ Client:

Good Old Games (A.K.A. CD Projekt RED’s online distriputer) has announced that they are making an “optional client”. The client, called GOG Galaxy, will give users “unparralled freedom” when playing multiplayer online regarless of client. At the moment, Galaxy is only compatable with Steam. Galaxy will also auto-update the users games. Galaxy will be an optional client with players being given the choice of using the client or to continue using the GOG libary.

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