Week In Game News, 23rd May 2014

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Super Smash Bros. Wii U” Gets Figures:

Stephan Bole, the managing director of Nintendo France, has stated that the latest release of the “Super Smash Bros.” series will use ‘near field communication’ (NFC) toys. Nintendo said that they were considering using the technology earlier in the year but this is the first conformed use of the technology. Not much has been conformed on how the figures will be used but “E3 will be an opportunity to show the use of NFC technology on Nintendo consoles,” Bole reported to French newspaper, La Figaro.

A Wii U GameCube Controller:

Staying with Nintendo, Nintendo will be releasing a licenced “GameCube inspired” controller for the Wii U. The original GameCube controller was backward combatable with the Wii but that all stopped with the Wii U. This adds to the pile of controllers that are now out for the console which includes the wiimotes, game pads and their classic controller range.

Minecraft” Comes To New Consoles In August:

It was revealed last year the popular game “Minecraft” will being coming to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This will add to the plethora of devices were the game can be played which includes the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and mobile devices. The versions will be released at the same time in August, and those who have already brought the 360 and PS3 version can get a discount when they upgrade to their next console generation counterparts ($4.99 instead of the usual $19.99 price tag), and those who have the PlayStation 3 version can get the PlayStation Vita version for free and vice versa. Although, those who brought the game via Blu-Ray disk are not legible for the discount with Mojang, the games developer, stating:

We are working closely with Sony Computer Entertainment to look into ways to enable upgrade from the Blu-ray disc version of Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition to Minecraft: Playstation 3 and Vita. We’ll have more info on this closer to release.

Save files from the older consoles will also be transferable to the newer counterparts.

The “Metro” Series Get A Make-Over:

Metro: 2033” and “Metro: Last Light” will be getting a re-release for the current generation consoles. They will be available separately for $24.99 or as season pass pack, which includes both games and all the DLC, costing $49.99. The games will be re-made with the latest engine from 4A Games and as well as having a Ranger and Survival mode on top a long list of updates to the AI, interface and animations that uses the additional power the new consoles have over the previous generation.

The First Xbox One June Update:

The Xbox One June update will see the Microsoft console be able to use external hard-drives. Once the update is installed, any USB 3.0 hard-drive can be connected and formatted for use with the console. Additional to this, your real name can be displayed in your friend groups instead of whatever you made for your Live name. You real name will never appear in game. The update is the first of two updates in June, the second being the much anticipated Xbox Live network and app changes.

YouTube Reportedly Buying Twitch:

Early in the week, the entertainment group “Variety” reported that YouTube Google was going to buy the stream service Twitch for a reported $1 billion. The Wall Street Journal later in the week then reported that they are in early talks. The deal will be facing a backlash from the US Justice Department over competition rules as they are both the undisputed number one in their respective internet video fields.

ZeniMax Media Sues Oculus VR:

The big story of the week is that ZeniMax Media, the developers behind “Skyrim” and “Fallout 3”, in tandem with Id Software, the developers behind “DOOM”, are suing Oculus VR. ZeniMax are accusing Oculus VR of making unauthorized use of their proprietary technology in the Oculus Rift, which Oculus denies.

The lawsuit says that ZeniMax have been researching VR technology since the 1990’s and that they created a prototype for some of the early ‘Elder Scrolls’ games. It also says that John Carmack, who formally worked for Id Software but now works for Oculus VR as chief technical officer, was doing work on the Rift when he was working at Id. It is also revealed that the Rift Kickstarter promotional video that used footage from “DOOM 3: BFG Edition” used the footage without the permission of Id Software.

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