We wish you a metal Xmas (and a Headbanging New Year) – Album Review

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With Metal running through my veins it has become something of a tradition of mine to every year seek out new Metal versions of Christmas Songs. I stumbled upon a collection of some of the worlds greatest Metal artists on a single Holiday album titled We Wish You A Metal Xmas (And A Headbanging New Year).

From the horror story about Santa Claws coming back to town to tear it down, sung by Alice Cooper to the very cheerful Silver Bells by the otherwise dark members of Megadeth, Quiet Riot, Queensrÿche and Korn makes this my absolute favourite album. None of the over 20 artists disappoints with the top-notch performances and you can really hear why they were the best.

Released in 2008, this album was made to counteract all the slow-paced and otherwise tired Christmas songs and show everyone that you can remake a Christmas song and make it your own at the same time. By daring to go outside the frame, Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen managed to get an amazing all-star cast to step out of their comfort zones. You see, it’s not only a new take on the Christmas Carols, most artists are also playing in a style they are not usually playing. It’s a jarring but welcome change to hear John 5 play rock-12’s and Billy Sheehan rock off to a blues-12 on bass.

All of this, without loosing what makes these artists great, you can still hear Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell in God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen when Dio mixes it up a bit, you still hear Alice Coopers influence in Santa Claws Is Coming To Town and the all but Silent Night definitely has influences by the Rob Zombie guitarist John Tempesta (I really recommend you to listen to this one, just for Chuck Billy’s speed-growling during the fast parts).

If you’re tired of all the oversung carols, check out We Wish You A Metal Xmas (And A Headbanging New Year) and get some new perspective. It is available on iTunes and eMusic.

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