Walk down London’s Mayfair to xXxtreme

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On a back alleyway, just outside the garden of the Torch office, there’s a small shop with big content. It’s Sarahh Huntress’ and Tzutzi Carissa’s store xXxtreme.

As the name suggests, its clothes  are out of the ordinary. They are of  the greatest quality and fits every wallet, even if the wallet is empty. xXxtreme opened it’s doors for the first time about 2 years ago, started by Tzutzi with the help of Sarahh. Their love for shopping and Tzutzi’s attempts to open a RL fashion line brought them together in opening xXxtreme, with the basic aims of having fashion on the “safe” side of naughtiness. Another important line in their designs is that they want their clothes to fit everyone, not only the size-zero models on the catwalk.

One of their favourite pass-times is to “kidnap” newbies and give them a makeover and with their main store being in a newbie hotspot that is sure to happen. Sarahh comments, “Nobody should settle for the beginner clothes, so they are known for giving free outfits to those who can’t afford it and are in need of one. We also help newbies find work in Second Life, we know a few people who would love to help out so we do what we can. ”

In the near future, there will be a mall with xXxtreme as the main store. Due to RL issues, they choose to postpone  the opening of the mall though it is being built as this article is being written, so keep your eyes open.

If you’re not satisfied with the freebies in the store, Sarahh and Tzutzi are constantly holding hunts in their stores. Many of their outfits are made especially for these hunts. Their favourite is the Twisted Hunt and Sarahh always speaks of the plan for the next Twisted Hunt. They are currently one of many stores in the Close Doors Hunt.

While their main store  is located in London, they have a second store  located in A Woman’s Touch, a sim for women only.


Midnight Passion: Miniface light, Midnight passion dress (small & long), Midnight Passion shirt, Midnight Passion pants, Midnight Passion mid section, Midnight passion gloves Price: 25L$
**xXx**TREME KNIT TANK TOP comes in colours, Red, Pink, Ivory, Grey, Brown, and Black. Price: 0L$

SLURL to the main store and to the store in A.W.T

Article by: Morphman

Picture by: Izzie Morgan 

Special thanks to Ruby for Modelling

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