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 What’s special this valentines season? Love.

What’s special for Feb 2014? Love.

What’s special in Love? Every moment.

I conducted a poll asking people “What do you vote for: Virtual or Real Love?

Here are the few answers that I got.

Virtual or not, distant or near, love is a feeling. Many words can be summed up to define love. But it is not necessary, rather we all know about it.

What do we see in Virtual relationships?

  • The platform gives the freedom which our society constrains. Being loyal to one another is a virtue we honor for the love of one another.
  • Since, we all look beautiful and handsome in our avatars, we look for the inner beauty of our partner.
Does virtual love translates to real life?
Yes, it does. To a third person it may be an act of desperate need or two dolls role playing. Role playing on the other hand is to imagine yourself in the shoes of someone else. In the beginning it starts with just fun and by the end. two souls have bonded with each other for life.
How often does one end up in real life relationship?
It happens a lot of times. Being in metaverse, I observe at least five couples taking their love to real life per month. Only a handful turn out to be bad.
Any examples?
  • Elizabeth DeClaun and Morphman DeClaun
  • Sweetiejojo Sugar and Mugsez Malone
  • Gia Laxington and Jasper Alberts
Which one do I choose, virtual or real relationships?
I choose neither. I choose Love. In any world, love is the most important aspect. With it comes trust, loyalty, faithfulness.
So, for this valentine, Spread Love and be loved.

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