Virtual World Residents Pay Respects to Notre Dame Cathedral

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In the wake of a fire that devastated one of France’s most famous landmarks, Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, residents of the virtual world Second Life visited its replica to pay their respects.

On April 15th, while undergoing renovations it was reported the roof of the 856-year-old cathedral caught fire and burnt for 15 hours, sustaining serious damage. Firefighters were able to save some of the structure including the towers, walls, pipe organ and stain glass windows. There were fears that fire might have caused structural damage that would result in the building’s collapse.

Second Life has its very own 3D replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral which saw many of its community members visiting the in-world sim, with some Second Life’s News Outlet commenting:

“Second Life Residents have been spontaneously appearing at the virtual version of Notre Dame to connect with others who share their sorrow over the damage done by the April 15 fire.”

Second Life resident, Draxtor Despres has also made a tribute to the cathedral in a video that highlights the in world build.

With the rest of the world looking for ways to help with the restoration and repairs of the landmark, Second Life offers a way for its residents to help, pointing visitors to the page Friends of Notre Dame for those who wish to donate.

If you would like to visit Second Life’s Notre Dame, you could do so through a Second Life download and joining the community.

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