Virtual World Bites: Second Life Getting Ready To Turn 17

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With Second Life’s 17th Birthday fast approaching the Lindens and Second Life Residents are starting to get ready for a big birthday bash. Every year Second Life has had a Big birthday celebration calling on SL’s many talented residents to contribute to in any way they can.

Applications Now Open

Linden Labs have called out for performers for Second Life 17th Birthday, opening applications for various roles that Second Life residents can join. Second Life residents throw some of the most exciting parties to celebrate the virtual world’s birthday, and this year will be no different. From March 27, 2020, the Lindens have opened up applications for performers to apply as entertainers. They comment:

One of the things that make Second Life so vibrant and exciting is the wide range of Performers who share their talent with our Residents. Are you a DJ who can spin up a great party set? Maybe you’re a Live Musician who plays an instrument or sings! You might be one of the grid’s amazing Dance companies, or perhaps you’re a Particle Performer! Whatever your medium, we would love to hear from you.

Soure Second Life Community Blog

Not only are there musicians and DJs, but there are also exhibitions that allow residents to share their art and Second Life communities in the virtual world.

Second Life 11th Birthday Poster.

Each year a theme is chosen for the exhibition. This year’s theme is on Vacations and Road Trips. To learn more about Second Life’s 17th Birthday.

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