Virtual World News: InWorldz’s InShape.

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Do you own an exercise bike, an elliptical or a treadmill and ever wanted to have the feeling of getting somewhere instead of just staring at the wall while exercising?

The I think you’d be interested in InShape, a tool that transform your exercise equipment into an augmented reality tool for InWorldz and let you see your progress on screen while you’re exercising.

With the help of a smartphone, InShape works as a replacement for your keyboard and mouse while exploring the grid of InWorldz and lets you explore in a completely new way. Every step you take on the treadmill is translated to a step in the virtual world, helping you to keep motivated while you do what otherwise can feel like a chore.

This technology also allow for virtual exercising groups, where you can do your spinning passes or marathon runs with people around the world, right from your living room.

If you have a tablet, you can get the third party viewer Lumiya to have the screen right on the bike or treadmill instead of using the computer.


InShape are looking interested people!

InShape is currently in beta and they are looking for people interested in testing it. Beta testing is free, if you are accepted into the program, but you need the base yourself. You need to be fit enough to perform light exercise for 45 minutes each week, you need to have a treadmill, a bike or an ellipses, you need to own a smartphone and you need an InWorldz account.

You can sign up for InWorldz for free here. To sign up for the InShape beta, log into your account on the InWorldz website and click the InShape button.

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