Virtual News: Happy Birthday Second Life

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This weekend marked the 16th birthday of the virtual would of Second Life. Founded on June 23rd 2003 by Philip Rosedale, and now sustained and ran by Linden Labs headed by Ebbe Altberg, the virtual world grew to become a powerhouse with its open source engine, house 50,000 users and has been not only interest for residents everyday residents, but also for businesses, online media and entertainment.Throughout June towards July Second Life residents will be celebrating #S16B with sims, events, festivals and attractions, all taken place within the virtual world.Linden S16B release comments:

This year’s celebrations will last longer than ever before! From today through July 8, we have packed SL16B with parties and events to mark this momentous occasion.

Normally the SL Birthdays would have events, and exhibitions surrounding a theme, whether it is community or friendship, creativity etc. Second Life birthdays weren’t purely about celebrating the creation of the virtual world but of celebrating the community as a whole.This year is said to bigger and longer celebrating the sixteenth milestone of the virtual world.Opening on June 20th the SLB celebrate is said to be packed with events, exhibitions and merchants for those who are interested in taking part in the festivities with the release stating:

Community builds, events and celebrations are one of the biggest and brightest parts of the birthday celebrations. With over 170 community-created exhibits this year, there is a lot to see – so plan more than one trip to catch it all!

Residents are also able to meet the programmers, and staff of Second Life, The Lindens in their meet the Lindens events happening through the last week of June. The release continues:

On June 24th through 27th, our Meet the Lindens event connects Lindens to the community so that you can ask questions and get to know us a little better. Participants this year include Patch Linden (June 24), Oz & April Linden (June 25), Ebbe Linden (June 26), and Xiola & Strawberry Linden (June 27). All events at 2 p.m. (Pacific).

There is a lot more to see during Second Life 16th Birthday. From shopping events to music events. If you’re tempted to check out the festivities, you can do so by visiting the Calendar and have a great SL16B!

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