Virtual News Bites: Things That Are Too Short To Go Into a Post of Their Own.

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My.SecondLife Back Online.

Recently the virtual world of Second Life lost their profiles, as, the site that housed all of the residents’ profiles went down for three days.

What is my.secondlife? It is the social network site of the virtual world of Second Life. Residents can update their status, promote their events and take snapshots and promote their favourite Sims on the grid.

While some residents use Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch outside of SecondLife, others use my.secondlife to keep track of their virtual lives when they aren’t able to be in the virtual world. On April 29 residents couldn’t access their online or in world profiles.

The status page stated,

“ is currently unavailable. While we work to bring this service back online, both and in-world profiles will be inaccessible.”

Service returned on May 1st, it is unclear what has happened to the service to cause the outage, however, some residents are still reporting bugs and issues with their profiles. Profiles are currently under maintenance.

Mobile Viewer disappears from Google Play.

Searching on Google Play has revealed an oddity, virtual world mobile viewer, Lumiya has been taken down from the Google Play Store. Lumiya was a useful mobile virtual world client that allowed users to play Second Life and other virtual worlds on the go, it was innovative for allowing players to use the full scoop of the virtual world since all previous viewers (excluding SLGO) were text-based viewers. The viewer allowed players to teleport, shop, manage inventory and interact with in-world objects. While it had some faults, it became very popular with many of the SL population.

At the moment Lumiya’s voice and cloud plugin are still available on the Google Play store, and Lumiya still works for those have it downloaded on their mobile devices. Checking their website, it says nothing about the disappearance of the application, so this is truly a mystery. If you want to find out more about Lumiya and its creator, you might want to check out NWN’s interview.

NWN Talks to the Lindens.

Virtual Blogger, NWN talks to the Lindens about the various issues that face the virtual world of Second Life. In an Interview last month (April 25) he was able to sit down with Ebbe Altberg, the current CEO of Linden Labs and ask a variety of questions given to him by his readers. If you like to read more about the interview, you can click here, or watch the interview below:

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