Virtual Fashion Week Summer 2011 – Day 2

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Today the show encountered some problems due to LL’s preparations for SL’s 8th birthday. Due to serious lag issues, Blacklace’s show was postponed to Sunday at 10am.

Tres Beau was on as scheduled thou and there were no major difficulties here, the people at Elegancia Agency knows that whatever happens, the show must go on.

Tres Beau was founded by Kimmera Madison, one of the first 15 clothes designers in SL’s history. She’s been here since the start 8 years ago and it really shows on her designs. With great RL designers, such as Galtier, Chanel and Dior in mind, she has produced some of the best virtual clothes in the world. Of course, these come at a price, but don’t dispair if your wallet is thin, she has a lot of outfits for both men and women on sale, as dollarbies and on her Lucky Chairs as well as participating in many hunts. And it’s no throwaways either, in her own words, she “don’t believe in placing anything out in a hunt,  for free or in my chair that I wouldn’t be proud to wear myself”.

So feast your eyes on these beauties:

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