Let’s Take A Trip to the “Village of Nyght”

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Let’s Take a Trip to the “Village of Nyght

Now when I first started looking for a great place to go and get spooked or maybe even have some fun never did I suspect that I would find myself in a sim that I swear has it all. This sim is full things to do from killing zombies, yes I said kill the zombies, to a haunted forest and even some great buildings to explore. You will find loads of things to do and still never truly explore it all. I have been there twice and still need to go back a few more times. You will have fun the moment you step on the sim.

Okay I am sure you are thinking why should I visit this sim it will just be gone after Halloween? Am I right about that? Well I am here to tell you this something that is not only best during Halloween but all year round. Yes that is right I said all year round this is one of a few that last all year round. One of three sim owners, Damia Savon, was kind of to grant me an interview and she provided me with loads of info on how the sim is run and why this is the best sim to visit during this time of spookiness.  What follows is the interview that I had with Damia and she is going to tell us a bit more about this wonderful sim.

Fully copied interview with Damia Savon:

” From Damia Savon “Village of Nyght”

KittySmiles Soulstar:  How long have you been running this spooky venue?

Damia Savon: The Village has been around in various incarnations since 2008. We have been in Dunwich since Nov. 2009

KittySmiles Soulstar:  Do you run it year round or only on Halloween or October?

Damia Savon: The Village is open year round.

KittySmiles Soulstar:  Is this a venue that is run by avatars or do you have a kind of automated set up?

The sim is automated for the most part. I cannot afford to have a staff on hand all the time so automated is best.

KittySmiles Soulstar:  What makes your venue the best?

Damia Savon: I think what makes the Village the best is the fact that it offers so much to do. While it is a work in progress there are a lot of different things you can do here. You can listen to old-time radio shows from the United States, shoot zombies, explore, or take part in some mini-hunts.

KittySmiles Soulstar:  What do you offer at your sim or venue that sets it apart from anything else offered?

Damia Savon: I think the detail. There are a lot of little secret and hidden things that people miss. Many items are scripted to give a small gift or interact with the visitor. There are many effects and surprises so it pays to take your time when exploring and give time for items to rez. ”

If you are looking for a place to have fun with the kids or just have a good scare by yourself this the perfect place that has a lot to do and also a surprise what you may find. Good luck and have a great time. Make sure you tell that Kitty sent you their way they will be thankful to hear that and who knows you may run into me there too.

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