Vampires in SL – Intro to Fantasy Week

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As with all cultures in SL, vampires are hard to define. I met up with Ashtar666, one of the newer vampires in SL, and asked him of his version of the culture.

Do you know how vampires came to be in SL? Do you know the basic background of your culture?

Ashtar666, one of the many vampires in SL

Well, I wasn’t told bout the history of it in sl, but as for as how we become one, that is easy.
First we need to find someone that wants to or is willing to become a vampire, then we go to our clan land and start their turning, which entails the first bite to gain their soul.
Then we then have to drain them completely. To make it easier and faster we use a spike, so the process goes faster.
Then we have them drink 5 letters from one of our blood tanks, then after they do that, they are a newly born again vampire.

What defines a vampire in SL?  

Well, for the looks we all look different and tend to look from a normal person to a goth or a Victorian style vampire.
As for the behaviour, some of us are only out to just attack and try to bite as many people as possible, but those are the ones that give us a bad name.
Because we’re not what everyone makes us out to be, nothing but bloodthirsty killers, just looking to attack on sight.
We are just like everyone else, and people have no need to fear us. We are everywhere in SL, but people that are not vamps just don’t seem to understand just how many of us there really is out there.
So as far as our behaviour goes, we’re just like everyone else on SL… Well, except for those that gives us a bad name.
Of course, there are a lot of people that judge us before they know what we’re about.
A lot of us don’t like to wear our fangs out in the open because of the way we are judged, so we try to conceal them until we are around our own kind again.
And then there are people that are vampire slayers that we have to look out for out there in SL. I have had a first hand encounter with one, because he tried to get my minion to go with him. It wasn’t a good confrontation. They are always trying to hunt us because they just don’t understand us.

From a technical standpoint, how do you resolve confrontations like this?

Well, we try to talk and come to some agreement, but that doesn’t always work, so a lot of us just don’t deal with them and TP out and let it go at that point. But myself, I will not back down from anyone when it comes to my minions or fam or close friends.
With all the clans and bloodline wars we don’t need to worry about slayers, but that’s how most of us as far as i know deal with that issue.

Is the vampires divided in groups? If so, could you explain a little about your group?

As far as clans go there is so many out there, it just depends on who you talk to to find out what clan they are from, but there are a lot.
As for my clan, we are a very large clan. Over 900 strong, but recently merged with another clan. So now we are a lot more.
We all take care of one another if we need help with anything. We are just one big family, but if there are any issues we then go to a royal or the king or queen themselves and the issue is then taken care of so there is no drama or anything.
As for the clan I’m in, wich is Soulraiders, but i need to get the new tag of the merged clans because they changed it a lil bit.
We always help out each other as much as we can and always protect one another.
As you can see im not afraid to talk about what i am and not afraid to wear my fangs out in the open.

What tips do you have for newcomers that want to become vampires?

Well i can only speak for myself on this one. Just listen and learn to what your liege has to offer and to teach you because once you become a new vampire, your liege will teach you what you need to know to survive in SL.
We will teach you how to hunt and avoid slayers and to just keep yourself fed.
Because if a new vampire gets to low in blood their soul will be destroyed and then there is a process to go through to get it back, but we always try to teach them to not have that happen.

Interview by: Morphman

Photo by: Ashtar666

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