Mobile Fun: Uplifted – The game that delivers what it promises

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Channel 4 Education recently released Uplifted, a game designed to be easy to play, but still gives you a challenge, and help you feel uplifted, give you inspiration when you feel down and build a good, strong emotional base for the younger kids.

In a faraway land, the Happs lived the perfect life, until one day the Viroids came and made a mess of things. Now you have to help the Happs home and collect as many happiness-crystals as you can on your way. Don’t worry if a Viroid gets you, they will just put you back where you were before. Don’t worry if you don’t catch all crystals, it will just save the Happs time later so they don’t have to make new ones if you collect them. Just try to get everyone home safely.

After each level you will be asked 3 questions about what makes you happy, these will be stored in the Positome, a repository of happiness, joy and uplifting. You can visit the Positome at any time to feel happy when you’re down, remember all those times you’ve been happy before. If you share the device with others, you can keep your answers secret by adding a password to your Positome, this place is YOUR place, you are safe there. If you don’t feel happy enough with your answers, you can edit them afterwards in the Positome.

Age: Any, thou the smallest ones might need some help reading and writing

Difficulty: Easy to medium

Recommended tools: Stylus for phones, since it might be hard drawing the lines with your finger

Size: 41MB, can be stored on SD card

Caveats: On slower devices it might lag some, making the game a bit harder. This doesn’t make it unplayable, just increases the difficulty a bit.

Uplifted is available on all the major mobile platforms and can be played on both tablets and phones, get it for free on Google Play or iTunes.

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