Twisted Hunt Review: Seriously Twisted!

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Not ones to fail completely at something, the Torch SLG, took another brave wack at the infamous +DV8+Twisted hunt. Without a doubt we can tell you that this hunt is hard. Not so hard to make you wanna shoot yourself in the foot or gouge out your own eyes, (those some the store owners would probably love to see that),  but it is still hard none the less. There are 218 Hunt destinations and each one has its own spin and style. Some were a lot twisted than others and over the 50 that we did, these 4 made us want to either run and hide like quivering babies or just want to break down and cry.

There is the box, Go on cam in and take it.

16 Grey Gardens: Archnaphobics beware, the spider queen might be holding the holding the box you’re looking for.  The Torch spend two days on this location looking for boxes, which is particularly hard when we have an editor who is severely afraid of spiders and a giant stone spider might have been holding the box we were looking for.Or maybe its the other little spiders? You never know until you cam close.

Swear the ceiling is getting lower and lower

18 Re.Birth: Follow the clues, go into the well, go into the cave behind the house, she’s waiting for you. We will never look at a big red house the same way again. Re.Birth truly creeped us out with its creepy red background and Silent Hill-like clues. It was the first that creeped us out so much that as soon as we found the landmark to the next location we were happy to leave the main prize behind. Oh, and was it just us or was the ceiling getting lower every time we teleported in?

Empty Boxes, all over the place

25 Lemon & Cream: The burnt skeleton welcoming you has you walked in, the empty hunt boxes and the seriously messed up creature in the basement that you would not want to be locked. Lemon & Cream, had the members of Torch pulling their hair out from the beginning. We even found the Steampunk main prize ( an hour into the hunt) before we found the Twisted one ( it took us two days)!

That is just plain twisted

37 Reality Designs & Reality Couture: To makers of this hunt location. The Torch truly would like to takes our hats of you, and  then strangle you! Why? Duh, because of the Maze! The whole place was unbelievably teeth grinding hair pullingly twisted and was another one that made The Torch say, screw you and your prize. With decoy boxes that… know what you’ll figure it out. Let’s just say that we left this one behind.

The Torch SLG hopes to continue this truly Twisted Hunt, and considering its our first we really enjoyed ourselves. Its a little sad that we might not get to finish it, but we loved it and got a lot of awesome prizes.
Twisted Hunt, You rock!

Izzie Morgan

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