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Looking for that special look for the next time you’re out on the town with your best girl or are simply wanting to show your classy side for very few Lindens? Well this tux is perfect for you! I picked it up off the MM board at Copacabana late last week and although I think its finished it’s rotation on the board, you can still get the entire outfit including hair and shoes for a meagre L$130.

Today Steam is wearing:
Eyes –  Sterling Artistry: October Witchery, store gift
Everything else* – Copacabana: Martino

As always the items shown were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

* excluding skin and shape

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