Tribute Week The Bridge of Tribute

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Kara Dresler – Owner of K-Code

To end our Tribute Week, we covered the Bridge of Tribute City to its shopping district. Like other sims Tribute City has its own affordable High Street, with items not only for older residents but for newcomers as well. On the streets of Tribute there are several stalls owned by . residents so you don’t always have to go into the stores to get nice clothes. The stores of Tribute are also varied from builders skit stores, to dresses to stores that showcase Tribute former pride and glory the NexGen vehicle back in the days when they were known as the Flying Tigers.

The Stores themselves, when you’ve managed to pull yourself away from dancing at one of the many events that are held in the city, have items with different price ranges from 0L$ to 950L$. It also an extremely newcomer friendly city with newcomer hubs and stores like Enteral Appearance who give dollarbie skins and shapes for male and female avatars. and Miss Jewell whose items start at an affordable 150L$  and so much more. So much we actually have a list of them in the Torch side office at Tribute.

KcodeTribute is not only a good place for consumers but for business owners as well Kara Dresler,, owner of K-CODE states, “ I love Tribute City, it is a really great place for setting up a business! Jessii Warrhol-Giano, one of the city owners, is also a fantastic event manager so entertainment is definitely one of the city highlights. Tribute clubs are among the best ones in Second Life, the DJs here offering visitors very good music and great time. In addition, people can always find a wide array of events that, along with the great clubbing experience, brings a lot of traffic and consequently a very good exposure for your business. A team of friendly and experienced managers are always there to help you setting your business and to offer you promotional packages in order to increase your brand awareness. The streets here are very lively, there are visitors everywhere all day long and I am really happy to be a part of this wonderful city and to have such a great feedback from my Tribute satellite store”

If you are interested in setting up your own store, Tribute City is a great place to start, with a great traffic affordable stores and stalls.

That’s it, Tribute Week is over! Go and check it out!

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