Tribute City Week – The clubs of Tribute

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Tribute City has four clubs, Amelia, Club Nation, Capital and xTreme Rock.

Capital is the main club that have followed owner Jessii2009 Warhol around for many years, it has changed location whenever she has and it’s staff has been virtually the same since its start. Capital is playing electronic music of all kinds, from the disco beats of the 80’s to today’s Top-10 hits. Capital runs daily events with contests, raffles and other goodies. Capital is located opposite the bridge from the Newcomer Centre/Church.

“Capital plays music from the to 40 charts and has a good team of hosts and dj’s and is a nice place to come and dance if you like you top tunes that are in the charts.” – Donna Redrose

Club Capital

Amelia is the club formerly known as 5th Avenue. When Tribute City opened it was part of the Flying Tigers, a WW2-style flying troupe in SL, and what better name for a club in a city named Tribute than a tribute to one of the most famous pilots of all times; Amelia Erhart. Amelia was Jessii’s first club and the original name came from her love of the New York City atmosphere. Although the name has changed, the atmosphere stays the same, with a blend of relaxed surroundings and pumped up pop music, high-end fashion and decadent lifestyle. It is the kind of place where you expect young women to find handsome pilots to sweep them off their feet. Amelias is located on the western border of the City next to the fishing area.


xTreme Rock is a club that mainly plays rock music. Xtreme Rock Club is open every weekday between 12 and 2pm. When there’s no event going on, it has it’s own radio station, mostly dishing out mixes of rock and pop. You’ll often find people dancing here even when there’s no event going on. xTreme Rock Club is located on the south-eastern corner of the city.

Xtreme Rock Club

The final club of Tribute City is Club Nation, managed by Donna Redrose, who is also assistant manager of the other clubs, as well as host and DJ. The club is aimed at the “early morning VIP’s”, mainly around UK time. Events are usually run around 8-10am and they play mixed genres, though one favorite have been British pop. If you can’t find this club, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. It is located in the sky, and as with all the clubs, it can be found through one of the teleporting boards located around the city.

“I really enjoy working for jess and on the Tribute sim and I am grateful for her giving me a manager job at  Club Nation on the Tribute sim.  If it wasn’t for jess Club Nation wouldn’t be here.” – Donna Redrose

Club Nation

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