Tribute City Week – Entertainers of Tribute

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Tribute City is all about fashion, entertainment and atmosphere, but who is delivering it all to you? Today we’ll look at some of the employees of Tribute City, who they are and what they do.

Let’s start with the first name you’ll probably see when entering a club: the Host.

The hosts job is to make you feel welcome and be your liaison to the club management. As such it is important that the host is social and always on top of everything and a keen eye to spot newcomers is vital. Multi-tasking is also a requirement, as the host is often required to talk in several IMs, send out notices, hand out group tags and talk in group chat at the same time as they are talking to everyone in local chat. This can become hectic at times, but they never let you see that. The host will also let you know if there is an event running, what the event is about and how you can join in on it.

It is also the hosts job to manage eventual troublemakers, if there is no manager available at the moment, and to avoid it if it can be avoided. A good host is also a good judgement of character and can determine if the situation requires a warning, kicking from the club, banning or if it is just a misunderstanding that can be solved by talking.

Since hosting requires both social competence and administrative work, you can often see hosts becoming managers or DJs or both. One such person is Donna Redrose, host at all Tribute clubs, DJ at times, General Manager at Club Nation and Assistant Manager at the other Tribute clubs. With a title list that long, I was surprised to find she had time over to answer some of my questions.

Tell me a bit about yourself

“I am a happy bubbly person that likes to explore and have fun on Second Life, like meeting new people and  spending time in here chilling with the friends and family i have here in Second Life, I also just like to chill and try new things out in Second Life, there’s a lot out there and even tho i been here nearly 3 years there’s still a lot i am learning and finding out.”

How did you get into hosting?

“I got into hosting by hanging out in a pub everyday while i was still getting to learn the game and meeting people and the owner of the pub asked me if i wanted a host job so i took him up on the offer i worked my way up from being a host to being the club co-manager and then the manager  was there for a total of 2 and half years before i left working for that sim.”

How is it to work in Tribute City?

“Tribute City is the second sim I’ve worked on since I’ve been in Second Life and to me Tribute City is the best one I’ve worked on its a fun and friendly place to come and enjoy different types of music from the everyday chat tunes to the heavy metal and trance tunes. The Tribute City staff are all friendly and welcome all to the sim and like you all to have a good and fun time while on the sim.”

What does the future hold for you?

“Hmmm what does the future hold for me? Well hopefully i will become a better dj. I will still be enjoying the fun and hosting and djing on the Tribute City for a long time and to keep the vips still coming and enjoying the clubs here on the sim.”

How would an owner be able to keep up with everything without the help of: the Manager?

A club managers job is to be the owners hands, eyes and ears in the clubs and there are usually several managers divided into specific functions of the club, such as the Host Manager or the Event Manager. No matter what specific field of manager, if any, they all function basically the same. The manager need to set themselves in the position of the owner, always thinking what the owner would want to do in every situation and act accordingly. The manager takes care of the employees and the club while the owner is unavailable to do so. They make sure the employees are having a good working environment, that they are happy and that the owner is happy with them.

This job can sometimes force the manager into hard situations, so it is important that the manager can handle themselves under stress. Communication is another vital skill for the manager, they need to be on top of everything and preferably also keep an eye on what is happening around the other managers. It is not uncommon that a manager needs to fill in for another, so they need to know what to do in every situation.

It is also the managers job to keep griefers and trolls out of the club and to handle any problem that might arise.

A manager needs to be organized, a reason why many managers are also working as DJs. One such person is Anakin, DJ and General Manager for the clubs at Tribute City for the past 3 years.

How did you end up as manager?

” I started as a DJ for Jessi at one of her first clubs”

Do you need any specific requirements to manage a club?

“Time, reliability, SL knowledge and able to handle griefing and  good communication skills”

How is it to work in Tribute City?

“Fun, we have some great VIP’s and some awesome staff, it couldnt get any better. I credit Jessi for a lot things shes done for Tribute City… what more could you ask for??
I admit she’s one of the best owners to work for and i am proud to be her GM.”

It’s time for the main source of the entertainment: the DJ

The DJ is responsible for keeping you entertained through not only the music, but the whole experience. You will often find the DJ to have a special niche, a gimmick to set them apart from others. It’s part of who they are and you’ll see it in everything they do, the clothing, the choice of music, even the tip jar where they are allowed to have one. Most DJ’s will devote their entire avatar to their gimmick.

It is important to handle requests and to be quick about finding the right song for the right moment, as there is often things said in chat or done in the club that will become a part of the entertainment if the DJ plays the right song. As an entertainer, it is important for the DJ to draw in the crowd, make them feel like they are having the time of their life and to give them something to tell their friends. They have the main responsibility to fill the club up with people, even if they aren’t interacting directly with them.

DJ’s often have their own fanbase and often work more than one club, some DJ’s are known to have more than 10 000 devoted fans. Just like a stage artist in real life, a SL DJ has to keep their listeners involved.

A DJ needs to be organized, inventive and have a flair for entertainment. One such person is Mia Deluca, which you might remember from our article on Coach & Horses.

Tell us a bit about yourself

“I have been DJing on SL pretty much since I started. A friend opened a place and needed a manager and a DJ so I did both. Gradually learning and expanding. Then had a bit of a break from SL and when I returned I found myself DJing again and then filled in for a manager for a while and next thing I knew was managing a Pub. Have recently stopped managing and focused on just DJing as less time consuming.”

How did you end up as a DJ?

“A friend opened a place and asked me to manage and we needed DJs so gave it a try.”

Is DJing your only SL job?

“Technically it is my only SL job though I do also have a Secondhand shop on Tribute City as well.”

How is it to work in Tribute City?

“It is wonderful to work in Tribute City. The owner, Jessii, is great and I have known her for a bit longer than I have been DJing at Club Capital. All of the Tribute City staff is great, friendly and easy to get along with. Tribute City has awesome VIPs, many who are at as many events as they can be and you get to know them. Plus always seeing new faces to.”

What does the future hold for you?

“Well I hope to continue DJing at the venues owned by Jessi for as long as she will have me. I wouldn’t mind helping manage a venue if was offered with Jessi so that option is available for future. And I hope to continue my Secondhand Shop where I sell used clothing (mostly) not to make a fortune, just to get rid of inventory no longer use without just deleting it”

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