Tribute City Week – About The City

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You have read about the clubs and people of Tribute City, this time we dive into a bit about the city itself, why it is here and talk to the owner, Jessii.

What is Tribute City?

Formerly owned by Guarocuya Giano, the sim WW2 Tribute was the home sim of the flight troupe Flying Tigers. After they moved, Guarocuya asked his SL/RL partner Jessii if she wanted to own a sim. Since she needed something to do and never had a commercial sim before, she accepted.

She began to build Tribute City, complete with canals for authenticity and put down some stores and club areas. Before long, it was a blooming city of entertainment and shopping.

As you might know, Jessii also writes here on The Torch and we had the opportunity to talk to her about Tribute City.

Tell me a bit about yourself

“Well i have been in sl for 4 years so far. I have had worn many hits in sl, you name it, I have had a land rentals/resell business, dabbled in event planning, and of course clubs.
I have ventured out more now to charity causes and have been a volunteer with relay for life since 2011 and am proud to have been a team captain and a committee member for the past 2 years. I have also worked planned fundraisers in the past for Second Pride, the Autism Society of America, ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease), and Feed a Smile.”

How did you come to own Tribute City?

“The WW2 tribute sim was the former sim of the Flying Tigers, which were owned and operated by my lovely rl/sl partner Guarocuya Giano or G as we all call him.
G did not have the rl time to be in sl anymore so one day over brekkie he asked me if I wanted to own a sim and I was looking for something to do in sl anyways and decided to give Tribute City a go, I have never owned a full blown commercial before, everything i had did before was residential.”

What is Tribute City?

“It is our concept of an old world city. We didn’t want to choose a specific rl city to mirror so we took bits of things I have seen from my rl travels. At first it started off as Italy with the canals and the buildings do have a Mediterranean flair to them but now its going down a somewhat ancient path maybe Greek or so not sure yet just wait and see.”

Have the finished result become like you imagined it?

“I’m very happy with the sim and how things have turned out. I never imagined that the sim would grow so quickly and we would become popular as we have,I don’t like to say something is entirely finished, sl trends change, so its important to keep up with what’s changing and to prepare for any down trends and to celebrate the upwards ones, but yeah I’m 99% happy with the result.”

Is Tribute City the only thing you work with?

“I do blog for the Torch and SL Enquirer, it’s become my latest and fun thing to do, of course I blog about Tribute City and run our social sites. I’m also proud to say that I am on the committee for this years Relay For Life of InWorldz.”

What does the future hold for you and Tribute City?

“We have a few new things in the works, I am working on expanding our resident radio station and will have some new shows and content for that soon, it’s one area we haven’t really pushed and focused on. I am working on a completely new sim design and we will be incorporating mesh soon in most of our builds. My long term goal is to go 100% mesh, more like a short term but it takes time to find a builder who has similar builds or someone who is willing to devote time to the rebuilding of the sim.”

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