Trash Fashion: Let’s Get Ravin’.

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One of the last bands I remember writing about was a London Nu Rave band called Trash Fashion. These colours boys came to my attention with one of their songs ‘Mom & Dad’ and they actually invited me to one of their gigs, which I didn’t go to. Never the less Trash Fashion was a very interesting band and they did answer the few questions I asked them.


As I said,Trash Fashion were Nu Rave, a small genre of Hardcore beats. Think Dub step light with vocals. They reminded me a lot of The Foals, their turns were fast, upbeat and did make you want to jump out of your seat and dance. I did listen to the all of their songs but my favourite is the one that brought me to them, ‘Mom & Dad’. At first glance it does sound like complete noise, but it’s actually them singing about love for their parents, although their music video is very weird. Oh that’s right, Trash Fashion actually have music videos, professionally made music videos. One thing I remember about their videos were that they were colourful, very colourful and had a good beat and tempo that always had me moving in my seat.

There was another song that I did enjoy but it never stuck out in my mind until I listened to it recently. The song called ‘It’s a Rave Dave’. The song is partly spoken, and features the singer trying to get his friend Dave to go to a rave with him, but once Dave is there he doesn’t want to leave. It’s a pretty energetic song with very funny moments, highlighting what happens at Raves. The music video for this song is very surreal and reminds me the musical parts of British Surreal Comedy ‘the Mighty Boosh.’


Since I crossed paths with the band, they have become signed to two records Labels Propaganda in the UK and Vinyl Junkie in Japan. They still have their MySpace, Facebook and Youtube page still active with their videos and songs, so check them out.

MySpace might be dead to the rest of us but it’s very much alive in the musical community and itt actually proves that no matter where you begin as long as you have passion, work hard and never give up you can make it.

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