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So, there are a lot of great movies and TV Shows coming to our screens in the next few months and there seem to be a few that I’m very much looking forward to. But today let’s talk about the DC Superhero Shows.

I am a HUGE DC/Arrowverse fan, no matter how totally ridiculous they get I always find myself sitting in front of my TV ready to catch up with the next episode of The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I recently got into Arrow (so late, I know right?) and DC’s Titans. I love these shows, and with Batwoman coming to our screens very soon my interest has peaked on another level.

Supergirl (Season 5 – Release Date October 6th, 2019)

Season 4 of Supergirl is one of my favourite seasons of the show so far. It really hit the sweet spot that I thought the series was missing. While writing this, I tried to remember the major villains of seasons 1-3 and found that I was really struggling to remember the villains of season 2 (after googling I found out that Season 2 had the Daxans). Season 4 had a more focused, cohesive narrative with each episode contributing to the much larger picture. Seasons 3 had this focus, but I believe that Season 4 was more polished.

Season 5 will deal with the fall out of what happened in the previous season (so you’re going to have to watch season 4 to find out what happened) and can I say I love that they didn’t really spoil anything in their trailer. That’s always a plus for me. The most you get is that someone was ousted, there were social issues that weren’t being addressed, and one of the characters is really pissed at Supergirl for some reason. I am very hyped for season 5, ‘cause I live for the drama that comes with fall out.

The Flash (Season 6 – Release Date October 8th, 2019)

Ah, Season 5 of The Flash, what can I say? At least the villain wasn’t a speedster…kind of. I’m really torn on Season 5, on the plus side there was a lot of good efforts being made within this season. It started off very strong, and I was really excited after Season 4 ended with XS (my favourite member of the Allen family) showing up and being part of the team. The little fangirl in me was so excited. Especially when I heard the villain (not a speedster) was going to be targeting and killing metahumans in acts of purging. Hmm, smells like social-political commentary. This season could have hit on topics that were being sprinkled all over the Arrowverse, but…it didn’t. It stopped just short of asking and answering a good question. I guess they couldn’t talk about it when Supergirl was already tackling the same subject, only from a completely different angle, but come on. You totally could have! The season started off so strong and then tapered off. That sucks.

Well, now we have Season 6, and that’s three-ish seasons of The Flash that doesn’t have a Speedster as a villain. This trailer looks at the villain Bloodwork, which makes this season sound as if it could be the goriest season of the Flash, but I highly doubt that. Some Flash body horror? Yes, please. Nope, this is network television, so that’s not going to happen. The Trailer makes it seem as if this season is going to be from the villain’s perspective. I’m sorry, we all know that Bloodwork isn’t going to be tiddlypip compared to what is actually going to be happening this season and that’s the Crisis On Infinite Earths Crossover. Hyped AF. That and the possibility of Sue Dibny showing up in this season is all I care about right now. You better work, the Flash Season 6.

Black Lightning ( Season 3 – Release Date October 7th, 2019)

I finally finished Black Lightning Season 1-2 a couple of weeks ago, and my verdict is….I like it. Black Lightning doesn’t show on network television in the UK, like the other CW shows (Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash & Arrow all show on Sky One) instead it shows on Netflix. Since Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming soon, I wanted to catch up on Black Lightning. I started watching it when it first came out but never finished the first season. Thankfully I had two weeks off work, and so I sat down and enjoyed 2 full seasons of Black Lightning and Season 1 of Titans. I really enjoyed Black Lightning, especially when it got going and started to get really into its storylines. There are some weighty topics handled in Black Lightning, and I thought it played a great companion piece to Supergirl Season 4.

Black Lightning, at least during the first season, was very much grounded in reality, but Season 2 said we have to get some superpowers supervillains in this show, let’s go! And go, it did. It’s nowhere near as ridiculous as Legends of Tomorrow, or The Flash, but it’s starting to stand with its tippy-toes brushing the ground, levitating a little bit. It’s pretty much grounded, but with the introduction of metahumans, it’s beginning to fly. Can I just say that Tobias Whales as played by Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III is one of the best DC supervillains out there? Seriously, the guy is a joy to watch. If I feel genuine worry about the safety any of your characters (this includes your main characters) crossing paths with the main villain in your show, you have one formidable villain.
Bit of a warning here, I have no idea why there is no season 3 trailer for Black Lightning. What is labelled as Season 3 isn’t, it’s a recap of season 2. Big spoilers ahead in that one, if you want to watch it, I’ll put it down below but if you don’t, don’t.

Batwoman (Season 1 – Release Date October 6th, 2019)

What can I say about Batwoman? I can’t wait for it to be here. I would love for them to put Lee Travis aka the Crimson Avenger (post new 52) in Batwoman, make it happen. I really like Ruby Rose. During the Elseworlds Crossover, I was very distracted by that red wig, I hope they make it less distracting in the actual series. There isn’t much to say about the trailer, other than I might be thinking about getting a Tattoo of the batwoman symbol. However, I did go looking for another trailer, and oh, boy. Oh, dear. Oh boy, oh, man. Oh, girl. Maybe I should have stuck with the tattoo trailer.

The first look trailer has 400K dislikes. This is why I think trailers shouldn’t be more than 40 seconds long, not enough time for you to shoot yourself in the foot. I am not going to judge a series based on its trailer, remember when supergirl was thought to be “SJW feminists,” and 4 seasons later, it’s pretty awesome. We all know that productions cut trailers to be thought-provoking and that can kind of really damage a movie. However, Batwoman is a series, not film, so it has time to grow an audience. If I were to solely judge it based on its trailer. It started out pleasant enough…I’m still going to watch it… I wonder when Cassandra Kane is going to get her own series?

Titans (Season 2 – Release Date September 6th, 2019)

Finally, we talk about the other DC TV series that not part of the Arrowverse, Titans. I put off watching Titans for a long time. When I first saw the original trailer, I thought it was a fanmade trailer. A couple of weeks ago, I watched it and Black Lightning to completion, and I found….I love this show. I would like to watch Doom Patrol too, but it’s not on Netflix, and I don’t get DCUniverse in England! If there was one thing I could nitpick about the series, it is that Kory Anders (Starfire) and Dick Greyson (Robin)’s relationship went from zero to sixty in no time. I would have loved for there to be a little bit of flirting between the two characters, no heavy petting until the middle of Season 2. A lot of sexual tension being built up between both characters and actors, and I wanted to scream, ‘kiss her already!’ at the screen. I will never get to do that now.

Season 2 looks very awesome. Conner Kent’s Superboy is getting his first live-action appearance, and best of all Krypto the Superdog will too! Look at the doggo! I am super excited to see him! If I can see Ace the Bathound in Batwoman, I will be so happy too. Since Titan’s ended kind of without a resolution from it’s big bad, I’m very interested in seeing how that ends and how the season will continue.

Overall, I’m excited to see these shows, I can’t wait for them. Are you excited for these? Do you hate them? Do you have a series that you can’t wait to see? Comment below and let me know.

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