Toro Mens Freebies – Man Week

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Toro Design Male Clothing

Owner: Toro Toros

Toro Designs is a clothing shop aimed towards men. You’ll find loads of freebie clothes here, but also cheap clothes ranging from 10L$ to 250L$. As opposed to most other stores, you get the freebies served to you, they’re all right in front of you, easily accessible, and you have to search and cam around to find the more ”expensive” (relative to the rest in the store) clothes.

The store is in two levels, where the upper one isn’t as full, but got maybe the best stuff. How about many different styles of jeans, with resell rights, absolutely free? Or perhaps a few provocative t-shirts (like a middle finger to griefers)? Or no less than 24 model poses, for men, in one pack? If you don’t like the newbie walk, they even have a completely free AO.

That’s not saying the lower level is without it’s gems either. I found great shapes, skins, clothes and jewellery here too, and that was without even looking at anything that cost anything.

Here’s some outfits you may put together from Toro Designs (all poses are from the freebie pack there and all clothes featured are free):

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