Torch Spotlight: “Wild Warfare”

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This is a Statement: “Another ‘Spotlight’ by Wil? What is this wizardry? I’m the ‘guy off the internet. I live online. While that may be bad for my self-esteem and waistline, I see things. And I reviewed this for “Web Game Review” but that is besides the point. Yeah I know. It was one of the popular ones. It gives me precedent then doesn’t it? So Nerrr. What was I doing again. Oh yeah, the ‘Spotlight’…

Wild Warfare” is a game of simple concepts. You are an fluffy animal with high powered laser weaponry fighting others of the same. I said it was a simple concept not that it made sense. I mock but that game plays very well and the fluffy animal aspect only effects the style of the game. What is the style of the game? “Team Fortress 2”. That is good by the way. Like someone one said “If your going to copy someone, you can at least copy Valve.” It simple, cartoon-like style plays well. They haven’t gone the full ‘TF2’ and added serious looking blood and gore to juxtapose against the silliness but that would clutter the style. And I like to think that the laser rounds cauterise the wounds, lightsaber style, so there well be no blood. Just chard digits and people screaming “NOOOOOOO!”

The kickstarter aims to expand the game (move levels, more game modes, and 2 more characters) as well as add polish and put the game on to multiple platforms (they want to take it to consoles). And they are want to add hats. And you thought that ‘TF2’ reference was a one off didn’t you? But like I said, Valve is one of the best so coping then is always good. It works for everyone one else. I really should stop saying “Team Fortress 2”. I should start saying the old “Ratchet & Clank” whose phrase was “BLOW S**T UP!” before it became “MONEY MAKER! WOOOO!” because they both have a weasel-like player character. Or as I once said, the brother of another dimension (Because of Disney copyrights [“Damm them!”]) Rocket Raccoon from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Which means they are time-travelling game developers!

… Now I’ve really lost my train of thought. One moment please while I bring this train-wreck of a thought patten to where ever it was meant to go…

The classes in the game so far consist of the Striker (a Raccoon with a 3-shot rifile), Engineer (a Rabbit with a wrench but with enhanced mobility), and the Heavy (A slowed bear with a mini-gun and more health). Each of the classes are well balanced. The Bunny can a rather annoying to hit up close but that’s because the hit detection is a little off and server latency it a bit inconsistent sometimes. And because the class is built for ‘HALO Jumping’ so you you should expect to see every Engineer jumping around fresh of their caffeine and/or “Columbian suger”.

There are only a few maps at the moment but there are plenty of ways to move about on them. You can jump about and get round the sides, go underground and pop-up in near quarters, of you just go direct as crow flies and charge. It shows that the maps are well designed and well built.

The game is in Alpha and is currently a free to play via the developers site,, or on game sites like kongregate. If the game gets to it’s goal (it seems like) it will say as a free-to-play game built on micro-transactions for stuff. The concern of pay-to-win should be dampened because I suspect they will just be selling hats and item box keys. Sort of like the other free-to-play shooter I have stopped saying by name.

So what are the donation packages like? Well the smaller ones are good sized. The lowest at 5 of you best Canadian dollars, has the game (which you can download free of their website) with an added donater badge and 5 item box keys making it fair. I think it shows what the planned pricing of item keys too. Stuff gets added going up the scale like the sound track (which is awesome! It is full of the wubs wubs,) all the way up to the “World Domination” package (that has already been bought) for $2,500.

Will is be worth your precious, precious money? I think so. It is a good and fun game that deserves a look. You can be a Raccoon in a walking mech, scream-shooting at a bear with a mini-gun while a rabbit beats at your windscreen with a pipe wrench. Just having that scenario play out makes the whole thing worth while and worth every penny.

During writing, the game was green-lit in “Steam Greenlight” in 5 days. This shows that the open nature they want the game to be is a testament to its future.

Their Website:

Their Kickstarter Page:

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