Top 10 Multiplayer Games Adapted for People with Autism

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The modern gaming industry considers the requirements and desires of people with special needs. Autists have distinctive peculiarities that should be taken into account when choosing online multiplayer games. What are the best games to play for people with autism?

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The gaming industry is evolving rapidly to respond to the needs of the times and cover different categories of players. This has become possible due to developments in the Internet space. It now offers convenient playing conditions for as many gamers as possible.

To create engaging games, developers study and analyze the data about players. According to the survey, a typical gamer is 32-34 years old and mostly prefers casual games that provide relaxation and stress relief. Yet, it’s possible to find games that target not only typical players. There are housewives, teenagers, office workers, etc. that require a more segmented approach to creating games.

What’s more, the leading game developers tend to cater to people with special needs, like those with autism. Being different doesn’t make these people wrong — it makes them unique and distinctive. The best developers take it into account when creating products for such people.

Interestingly, some Australian experts claim that gaming aids autistic individuals in socializing and making friends. Their opponents, however, report that playing games at either Aussie casino operator platforms or video game portals is highly addictive for autistic people.

As you can see, the opinions differ. Still, we should admit that some games may really be helpful to autistic individuals. Below, we’ll prove it.

Autism: What does it mean?

People with autism often have problems when it comes to social interactions. Verbal or nonverbal communication problems, as well as restrictive and repetitive behavior are common for people with this disorder. It’s also worth mentioning that autistic individuals may experience difficulties with the color, smell, or texture of objects.

All this affects their approach to gaming. There are several peculiarities that game developers should take into account:

  • For people with ASD, it’s rather complicated to adjust to new environments and conditions. That’s why games with frequent updates and dynamic gameplay is not the best choice.
  • Autistic individuals are often hard to get along with other people. Therefore, it’s rather difficult for them to play games where constant interaction with other users is of prime importance.
  • Games with repeated actions are a perfect variant. For people with ASD, it’s typical to do the same thing over and over again.

Moreover, the research has shown that players with high-functioning autism may be less affected by emotions than other gamers. Considering all these factors, it becomes clear that it’s quite possible to find online games to meet the needs of people with autism. The following list presents the most popular multiplayer variants.

1. Minecraft

Perhaps, it’s the top choice for people with autism. There is even a dedicated server that was created for gamers with ASD. It offers special plug-ins that are able to make the process of playing easier and more convenient. One of the most significant advantages of the game is the absence of extra strict rules. Users can build anything in any place they want and at any time. Moreover, they can always mark their own plots of land. It allows avoiding the mess-up. The next point is that it’s up to a gamer to control interaction with other players. It can be limited or allowed.

2. Fortnite

This legendary game is played by millions of people all around the globe. It offers a wide range of challenges users have to deal with. There are several modes of the game. The most popular of them is Battle Royale. Its aim is to find constructions and weapons in order to fight against other players. There are about 100 players in each session that lasts up to 20 minutes. This game is able to help people with autism to practice planning, collaboration, and teamwork.

3. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a very easy yet interesting multiplier game. Although the maximum number of gamers is only 4, it’s an ideal solution for people with autism. The rules of the game are simple. The player has to make a Pac-Man, a yellow disc. Then, they have to move it through a maze, where it will eat yellow circles. The repeated actions are exactly what the autistic players like.

4. Jackbox Games

It’s a set of funny and absorbing games. They are able to entertain people with autism. Depending on the version of the game, the number of players may vary from 2 to 100. It’s the best game for autistic individuals to play with their closest friends.

5. Exploding Kittens

It’s an absorbing multiplayer card game that is able to develop thinking skills. It’s a strategy game where players have to draw cards. Fun animation makes the playing process more interesting.

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It seems to be a weird choice for individuals with autism since this game is rather rude. Yet, it’s well-known that people with autism are prone to mood swings. Autistic players need more time to get used to the game, but then, they are able to beat everyone.

7. FIFA 20

This game implies team playing. It’s an ideal choice for gamers who want to be a part of a team. The set of definite rules makes the game appropriate for people with autism.


The game is all about military vehicles and equipment. The simulation game modes are amazing. There is a special option that allows people with autism to form squads and fully enjoy the gameplay.

9. Overcooked

It’s a fantastic co-op game that the whole family can participate in. The goal is to prepare various meals under a time limit. The players are to face various challenges and tasks. The design is simple and funny. The game is easy to play.

10. Don’t Starve Together

It’s a cool sandbox online game. It can be played by many people at the same time. Players have to set up a cap, gather food, prepare for winter, and many other things. Yet, for people with autism, it’s better to start from the easiest levels to understand the aim of the game.

This list includes the games that are able not only to entertain people with autism but also help them to befriend other players, improve communicative skills and task-solving abilities.

This is a Guest Post by Abby Bootman. Thank you, Abby!

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