Time to check out Big Bad Wolf Road House

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THe Big Bad Wolf Road House

Time to check out Big Bad Wolf Road House

The Big Bad Wolf Road is a fantastic club that is unlike any other club that I have ever been too.  This club has no dancers and not even a contest board. Instead they have trivia parties that allow everyone to participate. The club has been open for about 6 months however the club had been holding events with dj’s and hosts for the past 2 years.

When asked about open positions in the club the answer was a simple no. However, the still look for live bands and fill in dj’s who are able to use SAM broadcaster, a mic, and a great love of music. They fantastic hosts and a friendly feel when you walk on to the dock. Their dj’s are required to be experienced so you can be sure that the music quality is fantastic.

The club is open to everyone except children, which is per the Linden Labs Terms of Service which prevents child avatars from being on adult Sims. They don’t tolerate drama or anything like that can cause problems at the club. They require that your private parts also called “bits” are covered but you dress however you like otherwise. There are no special outfits or anything just simply come as you are and have fun. They understand that people can’t always afford to get new costumes each time.

They don’t have many events and they work maybe four days a week between 2pm to 6 pm depending on the days of the week. They sometimes have impromptu jam sessions as well and that means pop in at any time you never know if they may have a something happening.

They are very friendly and welcome everyone even new comers, if someone needs help they are happy to help them out just like mentors. They strive to help those that are new to second life and need help understanding the second life world. They believe that second life is like an adventure and everyone needs help at some point to find a path that is for them. Also when asked about those coming to second life to maybe start a business, they stated, “Don’t expect it to make you money, it’s hard work and doesn’t bring in much, but if you want to have fun, give people a place to come that is friendly and safe, then try it. Businesses are hard in SL

So if you want to come and hang out with some really cool people then this club is the place to be. I have personally visited this location and hung out there for a long time. I was really happy that I could have been there because this was just like walking into a great friend’s home or a friendly bar in the real world. People are great with great music and happy people you get to hear jokes and even earn some money from the trivia games that is there.



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