TieTopia Library and Poetic Stage – Wonderful Evenings

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Once you arrive at Tiatopia Library  you will be able to relax with your feet up , reading a book from one of the numerous book shelves available along the walls. To obtain a book  simply touch the shelves with the blue green title above and you will receive a pop up menu that will show the titles located in the shelf, touch the one you desire and it will be sent to your inventory as a notecard for you to start reading.

If you turn north from the landing point you will locate a couch with cushions, here is where we have the libraries disscussions.  These disscsions will appear in the SL event calender on a weekly baisis.    There are different topics each event. We run  Bipolar support group, writers groups and Yoga disscussions just to start your interests.  You can locate the Bipolar disscussion in the SL events calender under the support group tab, You can locate the Writers group and Yoga disscussion under the disscussion tab.   There are also three meditation pillows for your relaxation and help you unwind.  To use them, simply right click on the cushion you want to sit on and select sit.

Once your ready to move on from relaxing on the couch you can make your way west  into a room that will have more bookshelves and tables, chairs and lamps for your reading pleasure.  If you have some writing you would like to catch up on, this section of the library can provide you some quiet time while doing so.

Moving further west and turning south you will locate our stage room.  This room is where the library holds events for poetry, short story, and other story reading.  You can also find these events in the SL event calender at numeroues times of the month.  This room also features two fun couches that look like cars, and a single and couples dance balls making this a no Shhhhhhhush zone.

Moving further south you will come to the cinema room.   Tiatopia Library audiences have enjoyed, StarWars and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   There will be special events run for movies, there is usally a theme and moves will run on a weekly basis, to locate these events you can clik on the miscalaious tab in the SL event calender. As you are discovering, Tiatopia is about more than just books.

Walking SE you will locate the room that holds a puppet stage.  Here is where the library holds theater and puppet shows. You will locate any of these events in the SL event calender. It takes time to put a show together but once compeleted you will be able to locate these events in the sl calender under miscellaneous.

Moving East the next room is where children can come to relax and read. There are numerous rugs with pose balls with reading animations along with a table and chair with animations.

Tiatopia Library runs events Monday, Tuesday , Friday , Saturday and Sundays.  These Events consit of  Poetry Reading,  Family Movie nights, Non Family Movie nights, Game Nights, Book Disscussions,  Work Shops , Puppet Shows, Fund Raisers, Promotions along with many more new projects to come.

Tiatopia Library is just one part of Tiatopia Island.  After a visit to the library wander about the island and explpore all the other magical things to see and do .

Article by: Loulane Perl, Wonderful Evenings

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