Thoughts from the Cyberverse – EVE Onlines biggest fight yet

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At the start of this year we heard about a massive EVE Online fight, racking up record numbers in US Dollar losses, as EVE Online has certain components that require you to pay for with real money, making war in that game very likely to give you some monetary loss.

I just read an article on The Escapist about the biggest fight yet, that makes the previous fight pale in comparison. The Battle of Asakai, as the previous record fight was called, racked up a total loss from both sides at around $20 000. Although no official numbers have been released, an estimate is that TEST, the losing side of this battle, felt at least that in losses, if not more.

The defending side, CFC, had the benefit of leadership, something TEST lacked, which is attributed to TEST’s defeat. By the third hour of this five hour long fight, the leaders of TEST called out for a full retreat, as a blaze of over a thousand ships didn’t even phase CFC.

All in all, there were over 2 900 ships lost in this battle. TEST held back on their reinforcements, which was the only thing that saved the faction from total annihilation. When the retreat signal sounded, a squad of TEST pilots, either fueled by bravery or stupidity, charged the biggest ship in the CFC fleet. This proved to be a mixed success, as the ship was destroyed, but every member of the squad was also wiped out.

I haven’t played EVE myself, but it is not hard for me to understand why people would “waste money” on something like this. As with every hobby, this one takes a bit of investment, both in time and money and even thou it might sound like high numbers, you also have to remember that this is thousands of people involved in organized events with months, sometimes years of planning.

20 000$ spread among 5 000 people over a 2 year time period only rounds out at about 2$/person per year. Sure, to reclaim the lost stuff they need to pay a lot of money, but it still averages out at 4$ per person in the faction to get those 20 000$ back.

You won’t catch me throwing 20 000$ down the drain in an attempt to claim status, but then again, I’m not one of the top players of EVE. I will however do all I can to find recordings of this glorious battle!

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