This Week In Second Life – Sep 23rd

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Continuing events:


Virtual Reality by Mexi Lane In 1995 Mexi Lane painted a picture titled Virtual Reality. Today, with the technology available in SL, Mexi is turning the painting to reality.

UWA Artists’ Choice Water Show The fourth Artists’ Choice exhibition from the University of Western Australia focuses on water as a theme. The full sim exhibition has been flooded to 100m with each of the 20 artworks on a separate island. Boats and swim balls are provided and there is an underwater park to enjoy. Go bumper boating and get some culture at the same time!

Bryn Oh’s Virginia Alone Virginia Alone is the real life story of an blind elderly lady living with mental illness. In her solitude she recorded her thoughts over 20 years on hundreds of cassette tapes which can be found and listened to in the environment. Virginia Alone is exhibiting in both Second Life as well as at the Santa Fe New Media Festival.

Maps Of Second Life The limited-time exhibit “Maps of Second Life”, curated by Professor Juliana Lethdetter, shows information and art on virtual cartography in Second Life.

The Inevitability Of Fate In this art installation from Rose Borchovski, you’ll venture to an emotional and immersive art-landscape about the story of Angry Beth and the child Lot during a war. More info at

Meta_Body In this new project, Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu invite you to rethink your bodies through your avatars, making available all kinds of skins, shapes, body parts, clothes, etc. More info:


Drift Techno On the first Friday of every month 1 p.m. (Pacific), dance to the hottest techno beats at the Drome! Join the Sonic Warriors at this eclectic musical event. Find out more at


Speed Build Contest @Zindra Help Vortex Zindra Help Vortex features a weekly Speed Build Contest every Sunday at 8 p.m. (Pacific). This contest is free to join and open to any skill level! Learn building, meet people and win prizes! More info:

Lovecraft Festival Fans of the early 20th Century American Science Fiction and Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft are joining together in Second Life in a multiple-community festival to celebrate the writer and to provide a variety of themed activities and adventures. Event held Sept. 22-30.

Autumn Fest in Tribute City Usher in the Autumn season with a month long festival in Tribute City! Events include live djs, tribute band concerts, contests, and a week long merchant’s fair! For more information:

The Arcade Gatcha Events The Arcade Gacha Events presents the ultimate GACHA experience! Guaranteed to delight shoppers, The Arcade features over 65 of the grid’s top builders and designers offering unique gacha prizes in a gorgeous custom build guaranteed to evoke the nostalgia and whimsy associated with the late 19th century penny arcades and pleasure piers. This event will run September 15th through October 15th. More info:

Intense Wrestling’s High Voltage Intense Wrestling (IW) presents High Voltage, an event filled with intense action and excitement. All shows take place at the Garden located on the Bonaire85 sim every Monday at 3 p.m. (Pacific (SLT, eds. note)).

FaMESHed Monthly Fashion Show Many of Second Life’s top mesh creators have come together under one roof for FaMESHed, a monthly fashion mesh showcase. More info at

New Synthetic Theatre Immerse yourself inside the action at New Synthetic Theatre’s 3D production “Ninety Nine Percent.” This unique virtual performance is a fully-automated theatrical show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in SL. Shows begin every 10 minutes and L$50 ticket required for entry. More info at

Caledon Quest The Caledon Quest is a game that will take you all over Caledon. Follow clues, find the waypoints, collect objects and pass the final challenge to complete the Quest and win your reward! The Quest begins in the Hall of Caledon, at Caledon Oxbridge.


Twisted Hunt The Twisted Hunt is back! At the darkest hour (despite the blue moon), the bell tower chimed a dozen times. A darkness settled across the grid and the hunters unleashed a thunderous sound as they stampeded out to find the twistedness. Twisted Hunt: Darkness has started! Event ends Sept. 30.
Pine Valley Hunt Pine Valley is sponsoring a unique hunt for a L$30,000 treasure. Read the Pine Valley blog ( and figure out the clues to locate a sim where a marker is hidden. Find the marker and answer the question and you will be one step closer to the prize. The final marker contains a riddle that will need to be answered to win the prize. Only one person will win!

The Autumn Effect The Autumn Effect is a unisex Depraved Nation grid-wide hunt packed with 100 designers offering each hunter a gift representing their store for free. Each participant will follow a landmark path leading them from one store to the next as they will look for a specific object that is set for sale for 0L$. Simply buy the object and the gift is yours! Join Depraved Events in world for help along the way!

The Perfumed Cutlass Hunt The Perfumed Cutlass Hunt, held Sept. 7-30, opens a whole new season of MadPea Monthly Legends. Each month a new legend is discovered and the stories take you on grid-wide adventures. Immerse yourself to the story of the Perfurmed Cutlass, find her hidden treasure and be rewarded generously.

Botanica’s Butterfly Hunt A freak storm has blown the roof off of Botanica’s Butterfly House allowing butterflies to escape. They have screened in the structure but need volunteers to round up the butterflies that are flight impaired and at risk — many of which are rare and endangered species. Find all 12 butterflies, then go to the butterfly house to release them and claim you reward.

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