Things to Do in Second Life – Week of April 7, 2013

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Check out some of the fun and exciting things to do and see in Second Life this week:

Spring Themed:

Krafties Eggsie Hunt:  Grab your Krafties net and start hunting for these cute, Easter egg companions with your friends. Don’t miss the limited edition Easter Krafties. For more information, be sure to visit

EggaPalooza Easter Hunt: It’s Eggapalooza! The seventh annual Easter hunt at Aero Pines Park features over 40 different eggs, each containing various gifts for men and women. Ride a bicycle or horse along trails and around the public areas to find the eggs deviously hidden in landscape and buildings. The hunt runs through April 30th.

Spring Fling: Come to Tribute City as they usher in spring with fun events! Events include an Easter party, a merchants fair, a carnival, contests, raffles, live djs, tribute bands, and more! For more information, be sure to visit

2013 Easter Town: Easter town is a holiday destination that dips you in colorful happiness, visual wonders and experiences sweeter than chocolate bunnies. Healthier, too.

The Butterfly Garden: Spring has arrived at this beautiful Butterfly Garden. Enjoy Easter egg rides, interactive fairy tale books and relax amongst the flowers. This beautiful artistic build has many flying objects for you to ride on. Or join them in their fantasy dance floor and enjoy live entertainment. All events are listed on their blog;

Botanica’s 2nd Anual Easter Egg Hunt:  Come to Botanica for the Second annual sim-wide Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny rocketed though Botanica, hiding 12 special prize eggs. Find all 12 eggs hidden in the gardens and win the Retro Rocket Bunny Grand Prize! Best hurry, this hunt only lasts until May 5th.

The Evil Bunny Hunt 3:  The evil bunny is back and he’s been very busy spreading Easter chaos, stealing eggs and being, well, evil. Follow his devious trail of nice and naughty eggs to find the golden egg stash at the end. Just be sure to watch out for that carrot and always beware the fluffy tail. In fact, just generally watch out, that rabbit is tricky and surprisingly quick.

Alice in RMK Gothic: Follow the white rabbit as it runs throughout the RMK Gothic sim dropping tickets. Collect enough tickets to exchange them for fabulous prizes! For more information, see the official blog over at


2013Relay for Life: for team registration and more information, please see the official websites:


Pose Fair 2013: The one and only Pose Fair is back for 2013! Many of your favorite pose makers and animators come together to bring hundreds of new poses and animations for you to play with. Visit them from March 29th through April 14th and stock up on poses, dances, AOs, photo props and more.

Hollywood: The Event:  Glitz, glamour and gorgeous fashion! Shop like a Hollywood star in Second Life’s most exciting style event of the year. Featuring exclusive items from over 80 designers, free collectible gifts, catwalk Chinese Theatre catwalk shows and a walk of fame; no fashion lovers should miss Hollywood: The Event! Get glam from March 30th through April 14th. For more information, be sure to visit

Zodiac! Aries:  Zodiac is back with the fiery sign of Aries! This popular monthly event brings you new items from many of your favorite creators inspired by this current zodiac. There are many exciting, fun and whimsical items this round, so make sure you come by before April 14th!

Skin Fair 2013: A skin fair that brings over 80 skin creators in one event, each offering a new and exclusive skin for the duration of the event. Men, women, fantasy, mesh and more, truly this is an event for everyone!


Daydreams Photo Contest:  In 2013, the Galerie der Sinne will hold a series of photography contests. The first subject will be Daydreams. Come share your creativity and maybe make some new friends? Not to mention all the wonderful cash prizes. Visit the gallery for rules and rewards.


Pink Fusion:  Sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, 1 Hundred, AlterEgo and Sassy, this hunt includes 55 hand picked stores offering truly awesome creations for ladies. Each designer provides a new, exclusive release for the duration of the hunt for only L$5. So get your fashion fix and start hunting! For additional information, be sure to check

Erdbeeren 2013:  It’s that special time of year again! The creators invite you to a hidden grove in the strawberry forest. You will discover many gifts, hunts, plants and so much more. Have fun!

Marathon Caye Spring Awakening Hunt:  Welcome to the newest installation at the Woods of Marathon Caye: the fine arts gallery. Come here for featured Second Life artistry and an enjoyable place to socialize. Marathon Caye is in full spring season mode as well, so why not try their Spring Awakening Hunt. Explore the sim to find spring daisies bearing gifts. Happy hunting!


Topophonia: Four Realizations in Sound:  Oberon Onmura’s project Topophonia: Four Realizations in Sound was created during his Yoshikaze up-in-the-air Second Life residency. By basing the starting point on sound, the chosen artists Alpha Auer, Maya Paris and Eupalinos Ugajin, were able to each create unique installations that tie into a central theme. Together with Oberon’s own work they comprise Topophonia: Four Realization in Sound.


The Food Safety Game: Each year 50 million people in the USA get sick from germs in their food, and 3000 die. Be the Food Safety Inspector and do your part to keep virtual food safe. Find 16 sources of foodborne pathogens at Kevs Diner, solve the puzzle, file a report, and collect a prize. After that, hang out with with your friends at Kevs. Order some lunch if you dare!

Global Domination:  Global Domination will immerse you in exciting and interactive puzzle solving game play. It will take you through a challenging journey through the globe as you solve puzzles based on different countries around the world. Solve all the puzzles and win amazing prizes from some of Second Life’s favorite stores. Come get your passport today to play for fun and then finish for your prizes!

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