The wonderful worlds of Scottius

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I teleported to a colourful world, like a dream, this is fantasy on a high level!
You enter the world inspired on his illustrations. And you’ll see this art project brings you to a complete different Second Life.

You’re part of the art of Scottius.
I arrive on a big hill and see a village in front of me. The village look painted, but is it?
I walk down and see fishes swimming on the ground. But these small fishes are different. They grow in size, and you can ride them.
In the distance I see buildings. All looks painted but you can enter them!
The flora is beautiful, though different from real life. Like a dream within the fantasy of Scottius. This is a unique world.

I’m sitting in a tree, relaxing together with a fish. Right behind me a big sort of stingray swimming in the sky.
I walk back and talk with mr. fish, who’s relaxing in front of his shop. It’s clear he’s a bit lazy, because he made a mess.
But he’s got a friendly smile and sells nice stuff in the store. If you can’t find something you need, there’s a tip jar here too.

I take the stairs up and arrive at a huge trampoline. Can you reach the top-level?

If you like colours and like to have fun. Then Lunamaruna is a must see location!
TP to Lunamaruna

I’m a small creature in the huge world called Second Life. A virtual world where smell isn’t possible yet. Or is it?
I’m small oh I’m small. I’m as small as like I was a young child. The chairs are too big for me. I hide in the closet and I want to be bad. So I climb on the bed and JUMP…..hoping my parent’s won’t see me.

Mushroom is a special place, it’s another world based on the art of Scottius. You’re again in a illustrated world. But complete different. Here you can play and be a child, who’s doing things people wouldn’t do as a grown up. When’s the last time you danced with Amoebas?

On the other side of the building, there’s a gallery with illustrations, made by Scottius. You’ll recognise them immediately.
You can buy the illustrations and if you have some Linden dollars, you can donate here as well too.

Visit Mushroom and feel like a child!

The Docks
When you cross the bridge you enter the latest project of Scottius. You’ll recognise his style, though the emotions you’ll get here will bring you to another level.

I enter a dark blue world. A bit creepy at first sight.
I thought I saw a lighthouse but then…’s gone! Or do I see it?

The water looks polluted. Do you dare to grab a tube and jump in?
Do you dare walk up and talk with the spirits of the dock? Are they looking for something?

I walk back to the land towards a little cottage I see in the distance.
The cottage looks like it’s owned by a fisherman. I hope he won’t come home, he definitely will lock me up in one of the lobster crates that can be found outside on the dock.

Visit The Docks
The Docks will move to a different location on the 30th of June.

Scottius Polke
Last but not least there’s a gallery where you can see and buy different art of Scottius.
Scottius is an artist by heart.

It is something I have felt a need to do since I was a child.
I have been drawing since before I can remember.

Scottius is a perfectionist when it comes to art. It takes months for him to build one project. But you’ll see. Everything fits.

Scottius is in real life an artist too. Second Life gave him inspiration to restart his rl art.
You can find his rl art on
What you’ll see there is great. It’s clear the rl artist and the sl artist are the same person with the same perfection.
Up here he can make the art, that would be too expensive to make in real life. And the profit here is, that people can fly through the exhibition.
He tries for both worlds what works best for his art.

If you aren’t familiar with art. His art is very open for any level.

“I try to allow one to experience it without any knowledge beforehand”

Scottius is a very friendly artist who doesn’t mind you’re big or small, an experienced artist in real life or new to it.

I have spoken with people who never did art before sl and have wound up doing beautiful art

To me personally this is fabulous. I have seen in real life people who made great art but were banned by the people who did art school. Because you would need art school to be able to make art.
Second Life proves the difference.
I asked advice to Scottius for new upcoming artists.

One of the great things about sl is the community.
It can be intimidating to begin sl art, but other people can be of great benefit.
You can ask advice.

Scottius art is unique because of several things. First of all his typical style of his designs, the light effects and the interactivity. You can watch and do things.
Every projects is a world on it’s own. You can recognise it’s created by Scottius, though all have a very different story and bring different emotions. What I described here is just my experience, though I’m curious what your imagination brings you.

You can explore his art in Second Life but also in real life.
If you like his art. You can reach and follow Scottius on Facebook.

Thanks Scottius for the amazing art you make and share with us in Second Life and real life!

Hugs Justum

Article and photos by: Justum

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