The Torch Top 5 (Week 6/28/2013)

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5) Gamers rage on Facebook lead to jail
19-year-old League of Legends player Justin Carter has been imprisoned under charges of making “terroristic threat” after a comment on Facebook about a recent League of Legends match he played. The comment had what his father called sarcastic, rude humor, but was seen by a Canadian woman that noticed his residence was in Texas as a serious threat to a nearby school. Due to the seriousness of the charges, Carter now faces an eight year long sentence unless the petition to investigate the legitimacy of the claim comes through.

4) Tupac Shakur’s life hitting Broadway next year

Afeni Shakur, mother of late rapper Tupac, have written and produced a musical about her son’s life. The musical will feature several of the rappers songs and is titled “Holler if Ya Hear Me”. Shakur has decided to focus on the bands travel to success rather than the events that lead to her son’s death, which is a fresh take on the story of his life. The show will hit the stage early next year.

3) Twilight Zone author Richard Matheson dies, age 87
Science-fiction author Richard Matheson, known for his work with Twilight Zone, Star Trek and several books that later became blockbuster Hollywood movies, including the 2007 “I Am Legend”, passed away on Sunday June 24th. His death was announced in a private post on Facebook by his daughter, but later shared by his publisher, Tor/Forge.

2) PayPal announces space money
Popular online payment service PayPal along with the SETI Project announced that they will offer payment services in the coming space age. PayPal Galactic is already put in action, even though the first services that might require it, the Orbital Hotel, will not be operational for another 2 years. Are PayPal jumping the gun, or are they getting first dibs on interplanetary credits?

1) OUYA sold out
New contender on the console scene, the Android based OUYA, sold out on its first day out on the market. This project runs Android based games, just like your phone or tablet. On your TV with free demos of every game before you buy them and a large library of completely free games is not nearly as powerful as its competitors, but the people have voted more than once with their wallets, and both the release sales and the kickstarter project reached its maximum limits within hours. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Valve better watch out, the new kid on the block is popular!

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