The Torch Top 5 (Week 08/15/2013)

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5) Author of Fifty Shades earned the most last year
E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, has topped the literary books list of highest earning authors with the sales from her book trilogy Fifty Shades. The British author earned an amazing $95 million since the its beginning in 2011.

The Fifty Shades Trilogy is a collection of racy erotic novels that follows the affair between student Anastasia Steele and 27 year old Christian Grey, a BDSM loving billionaire. James, 50, become known after publishing the novel as an eBook in May 2011 that quickly became viral for its plot.

4) Thai villagers arrests Google Street View driver
When taking photos for Google Street View in northern Thailand, the residents became unweary and suspected foul play. 20 villagers pulled the driver out of the car and made a citizens arrest.
The villagers were not happy with the answers given by the driver, until he swore to a statue of Buddha, whereupon he was released.

3) Microsoft scraps MS Points
Microsoft Points have been the currency on the Xbox Live marketplace since its introduction. Now Microsoft has decided to switch over to local currency, for a fairer pricing and easier overview for the customer.
You will be able to trade in your points for your local currency until the summer of 2015.

2) LOOM releases cassette
In an odd marketing strategy, British rock band LOOM have decided to release their latest works, five cover songs from their favourite bands, on a cassette. Most of us haven’t even seen a cassette player in over a decade, but 1000 lucky fans will get to own this very limited edition soon.

1) Coming Soon: The Torch Spotlight
The Torch Entertainment Guide is currently working on a weekly podcast, where they will shine the spotlight on crowdfunded projects they want to see come true. The podcast will go under the name The Torch: Spotlight and will be featured on both their website and YouTube.


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