The Torch Top 5 March 3rd 2014

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1. Ghostbuster Harold Ramis Passes Away

Actor and Director Harold Ramis passed away at age 69.  Ramis was known  for his portrayal of the character Egon Spengler, one part of the legendary quartet, the Ghostbusters. He was also known for directing classic comedies such as National Lapoon’s Vacation, Groundhog Day and Caddyshack. In 2010, Ramis contracted an infection that resulted in Vasculitis, a disorder that affected his blood vessels. He passed away on February 24th 2014 from complications with the disorder. He is survived by his wife and three children.

2. Anne Frank’s Diary Donated to Japan.

The Israeli embassy has donated over  300 copies of Anne Frank’s Diary to Japanese public libraries after it was found that more than 100 of the books were vandalized. 265 books were found to have the pages ripped from the books. It is not clear who was behind the vandelizm.  The Mayor of Tokyo’s Suginami ward, Ryo Tanaka, commented, “Through this incident, I believe that people also learned about the horrid facts about history and of racism.”

3.  Linden Lab Rethinks Product Offerings

Linden Lab has released a press release announcing their intention to stop development on external projects Creatorverse, dio and Versu. According to the short PR, due to a number of factors a decision was made to cease development on these projects stating, “ We’re grateful for those who took the time to experiment with these products in their early days, but ultimately we have determined that due to a number of factors, we and our customers will be best served by focusing our efforts on continuing to provide exceptional service and compelling new experience for the users of our other products.”

4,  Relay For Life Season 2014 To Start in Second Week Of March

Relay for Life of Second Life’s  2014 season is set to begin on March 8th, 2014.  Relay for Life of Second Life is one of the biggest virtual world events in the world and has hit 2 millions dollars raised since it began 10 years ago. Relay for Life of Second Life’s Season runs from March to July.

5. Universal announces new Deep Purple Album

English rock band Deep Purple is set to release a remastered version of their Made in Japan Live album this year. The album is said to have a number of different formats which including unseen footage on DVD, bonus material and mixes. Made in Japan Live is scheduled to hit the music stores May 14th, 2014

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