The Torch Top 5, March 31st 2014

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5) Minecraft retracts Oculus Rift support

After the recent announcement that Facebook bought Oculus VR, Mojang announced they will drop all development for the virtual reality hardware.
Mojang and Oculus were working on a virtual reality version of Minecraft but Notch Persson, owner and founder of Mojang, has decided to pull the plug. Notch stated on his blog that the reason behind the decision was his fear that Facebook might use the company to limit the development of games. He went on to state: “Virtual Reality and social media is not a bad combination, but I don’t want to work with social media, I want to work with games.”

4) Cerebral Ballzy frontman in musical horror

Honor Titus, frontman of New York punk band Cerebral Ballzy, will play the leading role in the horror film Condemned. The film is about a musician livinf in a condemned squat that gets overtaken by an infection that causes the residents to go crazy. The only thing that can save him is his skills with his collection of vintage bass guitars.

3) Ian Flemming’s love letters recovered

Earlier this week, James Bond author Ian Flemming’s letters to Edith Morpurgo, his first love, was found. The letters were written in the early 1930’s in Austria and contains many flaming descriptions. One letter was so rowdy, it had been torn to pieces and patched back together with tape.
An example of his early writing: “I would also like to hurt you because you have earned it and in order to tame you like a little wild animal. So be careful, you.”

2) World War I a century old

On Thursday March 27th it’s been exactly 100 years since World War I broke out in Soviet, now Russia. It would take another 2 months, until June 28th until the rest of Europe would follow, when the infamous “shot that was heard over the world” was fired in Sarajevo.
The centennial is commemorated all over the world during these two months with several global events.

1) Facebook acquires virtual tech

Social network Facebook bought the virtual reality hardware manufacturer Oculus VR. The company creates the virtual reality headgear Oculus Rift and was bought for 2 billion USD.
Facebook plans to use the headset for more than gaming and have expressed intention to find a use for it in social media.

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