The Torch Top 5 – February 3rd 2014

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5) Back To The Future, The Musical

In a year, we will be able to say all events in the Back To The Future trilogy was in the past. To commemorate this, the creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale will work with up-and-coming theater star Jamie Lloyd on reworking the script for the West End stage.
Other people from the original crew includes Alan Silvestri, who composed the music for the trilogy and will do so again for the musical.

This is not the first time a popular movie have been adapted as musical. Among others, Carrie, Little Shop of Horrors, Lord Of The Ring and Legally Blonde have been adapted, to varying success.

4) Spock to play role in Hitman

Zachary Quinto, most known for playing Spock in the J.J. Abrams’ version of Star Trek, has been confirmed for a role in the new Hitman movie. It is unclear what role he will play, but he’ll play alongside Rupert Friend. Friend took over the lead role as Agent 47 after Paul Walker passed away last year.

Agent 47 will be a sequel to the movie Hitman that stared Timothy Olyphant in 2007 and based on the popular game series with the same name.

3) Minecraft PC reaches milestone

In the past week, Marcus Persson, also known as Notch, confirmed that the PC version of Minecraft has sold over 14 million copies. Late December, the number was 13 million, which means they sold over a million copies in January alone.  Developers Mojang also confirmed that during the same period, the newly released Playstation 3 version of the game also sold over a million copies.

Minecraft was released in 2009, but had several years as early access releases in the form of alpha and beta copies. A large portion of its success comes from the highly modifiable code that has brought a community of modders together to expand on the game. Several of these have later been hired by Mojang to work on the original game.

2) Petition to deport Justin Bieber taken seriously

Canadian pop phenomenon Justin Bieber was arrested last week for illegal drag racing and driving under the influence. Following that, a petition was created to deport the star from the US due to bad influence on kids. The star has had a large number of “haters” following his success. It is believed that the largest portion of the over 230 000 signatures came from these haters.  The White House received the petition and is now taking action.

During Bieber’s flight from Toronto back to New Jersey, his private jet was detained after customs officials thought they smelled marijuana. After several hours of questioning, no illegal drugs were recovered and the charges were dropped.

1) An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Technology giant Apple is developing the next step in mobile devices, the iWatch.  The iWatch is a wrist-worn smart device that contains most features the iPhone and iPad contain, with some additions.
Vice President of Technology, Budd Tribble, met with the FDA in January to talk about what they need to turn the iWatch into a mobile health monitor. In addition to monitoring calories burned, steps taken and weight gain or loss, the device will also be able to monitor blood pressure, glucose levels and hydration.

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