The Torch Top 5 – April 21st

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5) Heroes reboot announced

The producers behind hit-and-miss TV show Heroes have announced they want to try again. The show hit good ratings in its first season, but when the writer’s strike of 2007 hit, the ratings plummeted. They now feel the show did not get the chance it deserved and are working on making a reboot of the series to correct all wrongs.
If this comes to be, we can expect to see the familiar everyday-men turned supermen on the TV-screens in mid-2016.

4) Boys don’t read

According to OnePoll, men don’t read as much as they used to while women read more than ever. The same poll revealed that men are more likely to wait for a televised version of a book, even if they are interested in the premise.
The most common cause given by men is lack of time or difficulty to enjoy written words.

It was also revealed that 20% of those who did say they read books did this to appear more intelligent.

3) Top 40 of 2013 revealed

The Official Charts Company has revealed the 40 best selling albums of last year. Surprisingly Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ placed second and Robbie Williams’ comeback came third.
The top seller of last year was ‘AM’ by Arctic Monkeys.
The chart only looks at physical discs sold in record stores, which could explain the lower numbers on last year’s most talked about album, ‘Time’ by Rod Stewart, which came in at number 7.

2) Elder Scrolls economy in shambles

A bug allowing players to duplicate, or ‘dupe’, items was discovered in Elder Scrolls Online. The new and highly awaited MMO had numerous mechanics put in place to restrict the economy, preventing inflation. All of that was overthrown by this dupe bug that allowed some players to sell the same item over an over again.
It took the developers, Zenimax, 2 weeks to find and erradicate this bug.

As a result, Zenimax has restricted several trade mechanics. This has put a big stick in the wheel of player-to-player trading in the game.

1) UKBA 2014

On Friday April 25th the doors at The Grange St Pauls in central London opens the doors to the big gala evening. UK Blog Awards is the Oscars of the digital media world and The Torch will be there.
At the peak of the gala there will be 14 awards handed out to the 14 top blogs that operates within UK.
We hope to see you all there!

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